My story, faithful friend, happy companion – a dog.

A Mongolian Terror Is Born

I am Zac.
 Zac the all black (because once I was) and sometimes called Zac du Lac. This title came about due to falling in the pool when I was very young and having to be fished out. It seems we cannot all swim.

I am a TT or Tibbie. Officially we are from the tribe known in most countries as Tibetan Terriers, but we are not really terriers ( not that I have anything against terriers, some of my best friends are terriers), but for the sake of accuracy and understanding it is good to know these things.

If you hadn’t realized, I am a dog. A little overweight for reasons which you will discover if you journey on with me, a television addict and devoted to my owner who shall henceforth be known as Beloved.

I live with Beloved, her beloved and another TT called Zena, my niece. Her name means Warrior Princess but believe me she is all princess and no warrior! I shall have to talk about her sometimes but this is about me for once. I have an extended family who I will also mention from time to time but for some reason they never seem to stay and it is often a long wait between visits.

As a small aside, a friend of my Beloved’s son misheard the name and believed for a while that we were Mongolian Terrors – now that’s a title to live up to!

My illustrious ancestors lived amongst the snow and ice of Tibet. Clambering up icy mountains, living in the homes with their families and giving a warning if wolves approached. Pretty much what I do today really, except for the snow, the mountains and the wolves!

You see I live in Melbourne Australia, the Mornington Peninsula to be exact. There are not so many mountains to be had here and snow and ice isn’t really an issue. And that is just as well because as my Beloved often tells me I would fall off the side of a mountain rather than climb it having been born with dodgy knees and shoulders and I have to admit that I am likely to trip walking down the path so she could be right.

So that is me. Why am I writing this now? Well, I recently turned 8 and I felt I hadn’t really done too much with my life, so this is my way of leaving my paw print for posterity.

Back after a nap.

And so endeth the first day

3 responses

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  2. That’s a lovely photo of Zac when he was small.

    June 21, 2013 at 7:49 pm

    • He was very cute, very small and very black!! We had no idea his second coat would come through with white in it 🙂

      June 22, 2013 at 10:25 am

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