My story, faithful friend, happy companion – a dog.

I Am A Dog Of The Well Trodden Paths

I like to walk on paths. What’s wrong with that? Beloved and her beloved laugh at me sometimes because I will go as far as I can down the garden walking on the path before stepping on the rough grass.

Even when we’re out I prefer to walk on the smooth road than the sandy walk ways and when I’m in the reserve I see many dogs running loose all over the place, even through the bushes and long grass but not me. I like to stick to the tried and tested, the well-trodden, the smooth way.

What’s the attraction of getting off the path? Why make things uncomfortable for yourself? Why get your paws dusty and sore?

Beloved’s son number 1 likes the path less travelled. He likes to do things differently, he likes the untrodden roads, the wild and untamed. He enjoys the rush of skiing, of kite boarding, of deep sea diving and jumping out of planes. His choice of sports seem to mirror his daily life. He is easily bored with the mundane and the routines of life.

I see where he’s coming from to a point. I like variety in life, like my dinner. I would love to try some of the more exotic foods eaten by Beloved, and I admit I enjoy the adrenalin rush of chasing a possum up a tree, or barking at the bad guys on the television and there is nothing more invigorating than a good argument with a thunder storm.

But I like to balance these moments with the safety and comfort of my beaten paths. I can follow them without thinking, without the stress of having to decide which way to go. I like the thought that others have been this way before me and worn these paths smooth, I smell their history and I like to believe that the reason these paths are well trodden is because they are the best way to go.

The Princess tells me I am a follower not a leader. She keeps running on ahead and then getting frightened and calling me to take the lead over the scary bits. Perhaps she is right. Perhaps I am a follower, perhaps it is only the leaders who forge the new paths on the rough roads. I have a leader and that is Beloved. I am happy to follow her, I trust her and she lets me walk on the comfortable path, she accepts me for who I am (despite the teasing, she accepts me as I am).

Even Beloved enjoys change. We’ve already had to move house and she is always changing something, adding something, moving stuff around and talking about moving again. What’s wrong with leaving things as they are? Do things have to be perfect? I like to take time to smell the grass, to enjoy what is around me and accept it, even with the imperfections.

So I will continue to walk the beaten pathways in my small world and I will ignore the mockery of those around me and the teasing of The Princess who bounds around all over the place without thought or discipline, trying to entice me onto the boggy, rocky areas.

I will not apologies for taking the easy routes, why battle through waist high grass in danger of snake bites or fleas when the path will lead you safely where you want to go?

I will leave the risk-taking to others, those who don’t fit in boxes, who don’t like to conform who like to make their own choices.  Some of these will make great discoveries, some will make fortunes but me, I’m just a humble dog. I love my family, I love my friends (I suppose I love The Princess but don’t tell her). And I’m not ashamed to say, I love the luxury of a soft bed and regular meals.

 I am my own dog and I am a dog of the safe and the comfortable. I will continue to walk my trodden paths, to enjoy my family and friends, to occasionally chase a possum but most of all be content.

So that is my thought for the day and now with the sun shining down on Melbourne I am feeling remarkably dozy.

will find my safe, soft, snug bed and rest until dinner time.


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