My story, faithful friend, happy companion – a dog.

What’s The Hurry?

I am a simple dog as I think I have mentioned. I am easily pleased and I like my routines.

In the morning Beloved eventually gets up and we have breakfast. After that it is out to the local dog park for a sniff.

I love the dog park. There are friends to greet and new friends to make. The smells there are AMAZING and there are trees and bushes and people too. Sometimes the people have treats and if I sit and look at them very hard they give me a treat, just for being there. It’s a great place.

The Princess of course always has to be first through the gate. When she sees a big dog she rushes up barking and embarrassing Beloved and if that big dog looks at her she runs back to me and hides behind me. She is a nuisance. I understand that she is a little nervous since a very big dog rolled her over once, but he was only playing and she really should get over it, but that’s The Princess all over. Ditzy.

I have tried to tell her that if she just ignores the dogs they’ll ignore her but she doesn’t always listen to me, which is unfair because she’s the one who is always pretending there are possums outside in the evening just to get me off Beloved’s lap so that she can jump on instead. I am a truthful Tibbie.

Anyway, you can imagine that when it comes to that time in the morning when Beloved goes to the door with our leads, we are both rather excited and make her know that it is a favourite time of the day, except for dinner time. I like to carry my lead to the gate. I’d like to carry it all the way to the dog park but Beloved takes it at the gate and I have to let her because I want to go out.

My only complaint is that it is all over too quickly. Why do people rush so much? There are so many good smells at the dog park but I only get to check a few of them out before the lead is clipped on and we’re off home again. And it isn’t as if there is a great deal to rush back for. As soon as we are home The Princess and I compose ourselves for a nap.

Even the route to the dog park is an exciting route but do I get to check out all the smells? No. I get told to wait until I get to the park and then I can smell, but that’s not entirely true. Beloved and her beloved walk around and don’t linger like they should. Occasionally they might stop and chat to someone else or pat another dog (which I watch carefully, I cannot allow over fondness to another from Beloved and she seems to have a weakness for the big dogs like the Newfoundlands and Bernese), but on the whole it’s quick march all the way around and then home again.

Once we had a meeting at the dog park and there were lots of people and dogs to greet. I like to meet everyone, dogs and people, The Princess is only interested in the other dogs.

The meeting was a wonderful experience. I still remember the day clearly. So many dogs known and unknown to sniff, so many people to meet. We stayed at the dog park for a long time and I got to sit and watch and just take time to see what was going on and really sniff out some new places. That was the best.

Why can’t we do that all the time? Why the rush? Why do we have to finish our exercise and then go home? Why can’t we just meander around, sit down for a while, chat with the others in the park and make our way back when we are hungry or thirsty?

I sometimes try to let Beloved know that I want to stay longer. Sometimes I let her walk with her beloved and The Princess and I sit by one of the benches watching the gate and greeting the others as they enter. I like the personal touch and many new ones appreciate it, especially if they are a little nervous. A friendly greeting when they first come in can put them at their ease. Sometimes (and it is usually a Retriever) a young bumptious one bounces in and needs to be told to calm down by a more mature and sensible dog – me. I like meeting and greeting.

It is fun too watching the dogs chase balls. Now that is something that The Princess and I do laugh about together. We watch some of these dogs run after the balls and bring them back only to have the owner throw the ball away again. And they keep on doing it, time and time again! Don’t they understand that if the owner wanted the ball they wouldn’t throw it? You won’t catch us chasing after any balls, if Beloved wants to throw a ball she can go and fetch it herself.

Then of course there is the news to catch up on and perhaps a little bit of gossip, though never ill natured. Sometimes if we haven’t seen a friend for a while it is good to get news of them from another dog but Beloved hardly gives us any chance. I am afraid some of our park friends might feel we are a little standoffish and that is not the case at all.

I love it when children come into the park too, particularly the ones in pushchairs. We call them babylicks. They always taste yummy, but of course we are always called away when really we’d love to just spend time with them.

The best are when pups come in. Usually they are wide eyed and excited though often a little nervous too. Both The Princess and I love puppies. We like to stay close to them and play with them and make sure none of the bigger dogs are too rough. I’d like to take a puppy home with me but then I remember that The Princess was a puppy once and I guess it wouldn’t be a good idea, look what happened to her.

You can find treasures too, if you are given the time to search. Once I found a great stick that I just had to have so I carried it all the way home. Of course The Princess wanted it as soon as she saw what I had and tried to snatch it from me as we walked back, but I kept hold of it and only let her have it when I had finished with it. I do the same to pine cones sometimes but they are a little more uncomfortable to carry home and as Beloved won’t allow us into the house with sticks and things it means I have to stay outside to have a good chew and I like to be inside. I am not an outside Tibbie.

In conclusion I know I am a lucky dog. I have Beloved to cuddle me, a warm bed to sleep on, a comfy couch and (usually) decent food. I have my regular walks which I do like despite my stiff joints but I would just like to ask Beloved and her beloved to slow down. Take time to smell the grass and the trees. Sit and gaze at the sky and enjoy the peace of the dog park. Take the time to enjoy everything about it.

What is the hurry? Our nap can wait and if we take the time to watch what is happening around us, we might be surprised by what we see and how much more peaceful life becomes. Why can’t we just take the time to pass the time of day with others and enjoy the breeze in our ears?

On the whole I am a contented Tibetan and I attribute that to a few things:

I like to keep my life simple. I keep my wants simple; food, cuddles, comfort, visiting the dog park and more food.

I accept who I am and those around me, even The Princess, and try not to let her irritate me too much.

I don’t hold a grudge. If Beloved is out a little longer than I would like I still love her when she returns, life is too short to sulk.

I do what I enjoy doing on the whole. I sleep, I eat, I cuddle, occasionally I play. I watch television and I chew my bone.

And finally, I try not to be hurried, except perhaps when I am eating, then, it must be said, I do hurry. But apart from eating I try to do everything in a calm and quiet way and I wish I could persuade Beloved and her beloved to be as calm and quiet and spend more time at the dog park.

Would a morning sitting on a bench watching the world go by be so bad?

Well, I’ve had my morning sniff around the park, met a couple of dogs and now I’m home and it’s time for a nap. Speak to you again soon.


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