My story, faithful friend, happy companion – a dog.

The Importance of Big Dog

I thought today I would talk about something that is very important to me. Not perhaps as important as my family, but still special to me. My food is important. My freedom is important (within the safety of my garden fence of course). But Big Dog is precious to me.

The Princess does not understand Big Dog. She thinks it is just a toy like her baby. Whenever I greet Beloved I run up to her and wag my tail and show her in the usual ways that I am pleased to see her (I find that people need a lot of reassurance from us dogs that we love them). After this I will go and find Big Dog and bring it to Beloved as a sign of my devotion.

Sometimes Beloved will play tug-o-war, sometimes she’ll throw it, sometimes she’ll just drag me along the floor which sounds harsh but it’s actually fun. I like it best when I’m on my back being dragged. The Princess actually did that once to me and it was one of the best games we’ve ever had. I quite like looking at the world upside down. I often watch television upside down. But this is not about television (which is also quite important to me as I think about it), It is about Big Dog.

Beloved understands what Big Dog means to me but most people think it is a toy. Usually the fun ends for me when The Princess tries to get in on the act because she just ruins our special moment. She doesn’t treat Big Dog with respect and that offends me.

I will give you a little history. Beloved bought Big Dog for me when I was just a pup. At the time Big Dog was bigger than I was. It was a long time before The Princess was even a twinkle in my brother’s eye. It was when life was peaceful, just me, Beloved and her beloved.

I adored Big Dog from the start. I loved the feel of it’s fur when I held it. I loved the way it was bigger than I was but I could still shake it about and I loved going to sleep on it’s soft bounciness. I always slept with Big Dog close to me, usually underneath me.

I confess that over the years Big Dog has got a little smaller. This is in part because I have got bigger but also because of the irresistible urge I had to chew and chew and I’m afraid a lot of the soft white bounciness came out! However, this has never altered the way I feel about it. Big Dog is special.

I never touch any of the toys around, those are for The Princess. I don’t chase rolled balls, I don’t play with the stuffed duck. None of those things interest me. I tell you this so that you understand that though I may be a fun Tibbie I am not frivolous. I am quite a high minded fellow.

Little did I know growing up the important part that Big Dog would play in my life. At first it was a novelty. I loved it straight away but it took time before I fully understood the significance that it was to have in my world. I needed to mature a little to really appreciate the fullness of the gift.

I have given much thought to Big Dog since The Princess arrived and I saw that she viewed it as just another toy. I wondered why she could not understand the hidden depths of meaning. I think she is just superficial, but that’s okay. She’s happy.

For me Big Dog is my comfort. When there are scary voices on the television, big animals or gunshots and Beloved won’t allow me to protect her and stop them entering the house I reach for Big Dog and as I shake it I am comforted.

Sometimes I do admit I am a little afraid. If Beloved has been out a long time or if there are puzzling things going on in the house, (something to do with renovations Beloved calls them) then again I will go and search for the comfort of Big Dog.

Sometimes when I’m very happy, like when Beloved returns home or one of the extended family come to visit, I reach for Big Dog in my joy and like to share that joy with others.

And when we went through that very confusing time of moving house, Big Dog (and Beloved of course) were my constants in that time of change. Big Dog doesn’t change, it is always there, always available to be shaken, pulled about, sat on or whatever it is that I need. Occasionally I need Big Dog and I am not ashamed to admit it. It is a wise dog who knows these things.

Life for a furkid can be bewildering and even a wise and simple Tibbie like me needs the help of something beyond himself. I wish everyone had a Big Dog to hold on to. When I am scared or a little lost, when everything is changing around me and I feel it is all spiralling out of my control, that is when I need Big Dog.

As you will see from the pictures, Big Dog is in some ways a shadow of it’s former self but it will always be Big Dog to me.

Now I think about it it is not surprising that The Princess doesn’t understand the importance of Big Dog. For her, I am her Big Dog – except she doesn’t get to shake me!

That is quite an awesome responsibility and I think I had better have a nap and work it out. Now where’s Big Dog?


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  1. That is so adorable! 🙂
    My lot just destroy any soft toy I give them!

    April 4, 2012 at 8:23 pm

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