My story, faithful friend, happy companion – a dog.

Tibbies & Technology

 I am a modern Tibbie. A product of my time. I am exposed to things that my ancestors would be amazed about. Some of these things are good; regular food, soft beds, warm houses. Though if Beloved kept my hair long as it should be she could turn off the central heating and if she let us all sleep together like a real pack we would keep each other warm. Sometimes people are hard to understand. However, that being said, I am comfortable and I like that.
Some of the bad things about being a modern Tibbie are exhaust fumes, cars which go very fast and for a Tibetan who is not too wise on the roads, these can be very dangerous, and fences. I know Beloved has fences because we are Tibbie’s who are not too good on the roads but my ancestors roamed freely among the mountains of Tibet without cars or fences. Sometimes I dream of a world without doors or fences.
This sounds very romantic of course but being a Tibbie who likes his regular meals and soft bed and who definitely does not like having wet paws this might not be as much fun as it sounds. And because I have a tendency to trip up walking on the grass I am not sure how I would cope with the mountains either. So perhaps it is just as well that I am an Australian Tibbie with all the comforts that that entails. Entails – get it?
After food, and, let’s face it everything should come after food, one of my favourite things to do is to watch television. I really love it.
I used to watch Australia’s Funniest Home Videos every Saturday. I would sit for the whole hour in front of the screen but Beloved got a bit bored with it and so I don’t get to see it now. If only I could work the controls. But although I am a clever Tibbie, I am not that clever – yet.
M visited again this weekend. Have I mentioned M before? She is number one son’s 7 year old step daughter. She and The Princess do nothing but run around and play together, but she’s okay.
Anyway, this weekend she introduced me to a film which I fell in love with at once. We watched it 3 times. It is called The Lady And The Tramp, you might have heard about it. A wonderful film with the cutest puppies. I love puppies. Bolt was one of my favourites but now The Lady And The Tramp is. I would watch it every day. That Lady is so cute, I wish Beloved would get a spaniel like that.
Beloved watches a lot of shows that seem to involve a lot of shouting and people looking threatening. I run to the screen to protect my pack and so far no one has come into the house so I am obviously a very fierce Looking Tibbie when seen from the television.
I like the programmes about other animals too. On television we see animals that we never see at the dog park and I have to say some of those animals look very strange and some look dangerous.
I like David Attenborough, he has such a calm voice and great pictures. I can watch him for ages. Beloved did try to watch Cesar Milan the dog whisperer at one time. I am not sure why because I am a well behaved Tibetan. Some of those dogs were so rude it made me cross and I had to give Big Dog a big shake because Beloved wouldn’t let me give the rude dogs a shake. Anyway she has stopped watching it so I think she realises that I am a very well behaved Tibbie too.
This is a picture of The Princess and I watching David Attenborough,
The Princess is the one in the glittery collar. She likes bling. And she is the black one. Although I used to be all Black, I am now silver. It is not an age thing I hasten to add. We Tibetans have two coats. My first coat was jet black but when I was about 18 months only my second coat came and it was silver. So really I am a silver Tibetan, but by then I already had my name of Zac the All Black so it was too late to call me Zac the Silver and it doesn’t have the same ring to it as Zac the All Black does or the same connection to New Zealand and the rugby team who are fierce and brave, rather like me.
Princess Prissy Paws wasn’t at all interested in television when she first came to stay. When she saw it was something that I was keen on she had to push her wet nose in and now I sometimes have to elbow her out of the way before I can get to the screen.
Have you noticed how the sounds change on the television? I have. When someone nasty is coming or something bad is going to happen there is a change of sound. This is good because it gives me a chance to get to the television before the bad thing happens and keep it away from the pack.
As you can probably understand because of this I am a very busy Tibbie in the evenings and if I doze I always have one eye on the television. My favourite watching position, now that Beloved has got rid of the theatre seats that we used to sit on, is to lie on my back and watch television upside down, it is very interesting upside down.
One thing that does embarrass me a little is that some of the music makes me sing. I cannot control this impulse. It is just a desire which comes over me and I have to join in. Fortunately I believe I am a Tibbie with a good voice. Beloved will put some shows on just so that I can sing along which means that she must think I have a good voice too.
This is one reason that I have to keep up with my naps during the day so that I can be alert in the evening. The other reason is that I like napping which is where I am going now and hope that one of my favorite shows is on later. I may even dream about the spaniel from Lady and The Tramp, that would be nice.
Beloved wanted to add a movie of my singing along to Sex & The City but there is something called copyright. Pity because I was wondering if Australia’s Got Talent would be interested.

4 responses

  1. great story and lovely photos! 🙂

    keep it up! can’t wait to read your next story

    April 11, 2012 at 12:10 pm

    • Thank you pupfelicity and may I say how cute you are looking 🙂

      April 13, 2012 at 10:37 am

  2. Bella reckons Australia’s Got Talent would be VERY interested. Maybe Kyle could be your sponsor and you could keep him in line?

    April 11, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    • I would definitely stand no nonsense from Kyle! I would give him my Tibbie glare and he would know I was not amused.

      April 11, 2012 at 1:44 pm

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