My story, faithful friend, happy companion – a dog.

The Princess Tails

This post is for M.

M is part of number one son’s pack. She is seven years old  and she and The Princess love each other very much. I love her too and I think she loves me, but she and Zena have a lot of things in common:

They both like cuddles.
They like running around and playing.
They like to make a lot of noise.
They like to be surrounded with people.
They like pink things, soft things and glittery things.
They can both be a little picky with their food
And one thing they hate is to be alone.

M didn’t know Princess Prissy Paws when she was a pup which is a shame because even I have to admit she was very cute. So I thought I’d let her know a few things about her.

When she first arrived she had a soft, curly jet black coat with a little patch of white on her chest. Her coat was so silky I used to like to rest my head on her but she used to wriggle a lot.

From the very beginning she went from her pack to ours and so she never had to be alone like I did. I was always there for her when she felt strange or lonely. She was very lucky.

The first time I saw her was in the garden. Beloved and her beloved had been out and left me alone. Little did I know that it was going to be the last time ever that I was alone. What I wouldn’t give for a little alone time now!

When they returned Beloved’s beloved picked me up and sat with me on the garden swing chair which I have always enjoyed. But I was not to be fooled, he had a strange smell on him and I knew there was something going on. Excitement was in the air.

The next thing I knew there was this little black puppy sniffing with amazement at the grass. I don’t think she had ever seen grass before. She was marveling at the smells and how soft it was. I was allowed to go and say hello to her and I don’t know if Beloved thought I would hurt her but I am not that sort of a Tibbie. I love puppies and babies. I am a very gentle Tibbie though I like to think I can sound fierce if I need to.

She smelt very familiar and when I sniffed her I was reminded of my first pack and somehow I knew that she belonged. To be honest I didn’t realise she had come to stay, not forever. I thought it was like Mo, a friend of mine who would come for a week and then leave, but no. She stayed.

Bringing up a puppy is hard work. She wanted to play all the time and it was exhausting. Before she came on the scene I was the puppy of the house without a care in the world, now all of a sudden I was responsible for this little bundle who seemed to flit from one activity to another without pausing for breath and keeping up with her wore me out.

Then there was the lack of privacy. Everywhere I went she followed, everything I sniffed, she sniffed. If I decided to walk to the top garden she would run there and get there first and pretend it was her idea. If I wanted to lie in the sun she would lie next to me and then begin tempting me to play with little woofs and thrusting toys at me. There was very little peace. Even now at night when I am trying to sleep she will wake me up and that means I am tired in the morning when I have to go for my walk. I have to admit she is a little selfish that way and maybe in a few other ways too, like the way she always wants to sit on Beloved and tries to push me off and the way she will bark at something in the garden knowing that I will have to go and investigate only to find there is nothing there and she only did it so that she could jump on Beloved. The annoying thing is that I fall for it everytime!

One thing I was never able to teach her was a good deep bark. She has a bark which is definitely not fierce. I can’t say she doesn’t try. She barks so hard she goes onto her back legs and she propels herself backwards with the force of it. Then I laugh and she gets offended but it is funny to see. She gets top marks for effort but zero for fear factor.

When she is barking at the rude possums in our garden she ends up dancing backwards on her hind legs over the grass and looks ridiculous. The possums think so too which does not help our garden credibility.

She was always falling off things when she was little. I think it had something to do with knowing our ancestors lived in a country with lots of mountains somehow she thought she should be like them and she was forever clambering over high garden rocks and getting stuck so that Beloved had to rescue her.

To begin with when we played it was great. We would run around the house playing chase or Bolt and when I got tired I would jump on the sofa out of her reach for a nap. She would spend ages jumping around trying to reach me but without luck. Then of course the inevitable happened. One day she tried to reach me and she did it! She jumped onto the sofa and my refuge was lost forever.

Being able to get onto the furniture opened up a whole new world of play for The Princess and she was forever jumping on and off, on and off. It did help tire her a little but I was in a permanent state of exhaustion trying to keep her amused.

She wouldn’t always listen to me either, wiser counsel does not always prevail with her. She has to do it for herself and I wouldn’t mind if she learnt from her mistakes but she seems to forget them as soon as she’s made them.

Actually, one mistake she made which she hasn’t forgotten happened when she was about 6 months old. Beloved was sat on the sofa with Zena and myself. On the shiny coffee table in front of us Beloved had a cup of hot chocolate. The Princess decided this table looked rather fun and before I could stop her she jumped from the sofa onto the table.

Because it was so slippery she couldn’t stand, her feet gave way and she plonked on her bottom sliding from one end to the other carrying Beloved’s cup of chocolate between her front legs. She ended up in a heap on the cream carpet and Beloved spent ages cleaning off the stains. I helped clean The Princess, she tasted good and I have to say on that occasion she was a little shaken and has never jumped on a table again, although perhaps that is because we moved house and don’t own that shiny table any more. It is hard to know with The Princess.

As you can see she caused all sorts of trouble. One day she pushed me into the pool – really.

This is what happened. Beloved called us in for a meal. I never miss the dinner call and was listening out for it. The Princess didn’t even hear her, but when I began running into the house she began running too and had to rush in front to arrive first. Of course I should have seen it coming, and I know it wasn’t deliberate but as we turned a corner she cut me off and I lost my footing. Beloved laughed which I felt was a little insensitive. I hate water and I hated the pool and I’m glad our new house doesn’t have one.

Then there was the time I have mentioned before when she got at the sleeping pills. I couldn’t let Beloved know but I have to admit I was a little interested to see what would happen. I just thought she’d go to sleep and I’d have a peaceful afternoon. I had no idea that she would reel around the place, crossing her legs when she was walking and staggering in circles. The things she was saying and seeing, it was hilarious. I didn’t know either that it could have been dangerous or I wouldn’t have laughed quite so much.

I did get a little peace when they took her to the vet, but I paid for it later because she was up all night moaning about how her head hurt and how she felt ill and jittery. Beloved’s beloved held her most of the next day so I had a rest. She is not a good patient.

She also has a habit of putting all sorts of things she finds in the garden in her mouth. She always wants to eat things which I don’t understand because she will often turn her nose up at the food in her bowl but eat disgusting things she finds in the garden.

One day she became very sick because she ate something out there. All she could tell me was that is was a pretty colour! That’s what she is like.

She went away to the vet for a while then and I really got a lot of sleep in and when she came back she looked very odd with yellow eyes and belly where they had shaved her. She was embarrassed about her bare tummy. She’s all better now though and her hair has grown back.

She gets upset when she has her hair cut as well because Beloved takes her collar off. She’s not happy until it’s back on again and she still bemoans the loss of her glitter collar. How she looks is important to her. I tell her that it is shallow behaviour but she just tells me I am a slob. I am not a slob. I am a very handsome fellow and I don’t need a glittery collar to prove it!

One thing we both hate is being brushed, particularly our tails. The Princess and I agree that tangled tails are the new fashion and we think Beloved is mistaken in thinking we need to have all the knots taken out. I am not concerned with fashion but with function. We can wag our tails, our tails curl up over our back. They work perfectly well with or without knots so I am all for the not combing. Cut my coat if you must but we both draw the line at our tails. There are not many things we agree on but this is one. I like the tail au naturel thank you.

I thought that last time at the vet would have taught her a lesson but just last week I caught her chewing on a blue berry she had found. Sometimes I just give up. I can teach her nothing. I try to look after her as best I can but I am just one Tibbie, a remarkable Tibbie I know, but alone I can only do so much.

I have told her I have posted something about her and she is jumping up and down wanting to know what I’ve said and threatening to guest post one day. She has a habit of pestering me until she gets her way, she does the same to Beloved. I shall endeavour to remain firm but I am concerned Beloved might give in. However, I won’t worry about that today.

Instead having introduced you to a few Princess Tails I shall compose myself for a nap in the sunshine and hope she doesn’t get to post anything soon. I might taunt her with the fact that it is her birthday in a couple of months that will divert her, she is easily diverted.

She will be six though you’d never know it from the way she behaves. You would still think she was that little puppy that Beloved dumped on me all those years ago.


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