My story, faithful friend, happy companion – a dog.

The Cuteness Factor

Today started normally enough. Beloved’s beloved got up, did his exercises, had his breakfast and The Princess and I went into the lounge to lie down by the glass doors where we can watch the bedroom door and see when Beloved comes out. Our every day routine.

When Beloved got up she cuddled and kissed us, I went to fetch Big Dog for a quick game and then it was breakfast time.

After breakfast we walked to the dog park and strolled around, greeted a few old friends, met a very impertinent British Bulldog who I have to say was a little over friendly with Beloved and her beloved and then we returned home.

The day then took a turn for the worse. The table came out, the clippers emerged and it was my turn for a hair cut.

It isn’t really how we Tibbies are supposed to be presented to the world. We are dogs with very long hair, shaggy in our native state and I’m sure in Tibet they wouldn’t even bother with baths and brushing.

Sometimes I do feel a little self conscious about the short hair but I also have to admit that it is more comfortable for me too. I am cleaner for a start, I don’t pick up so many leaves and insects from the garden and it is cooler. So I am in a dilemma, comfort or style?

Fortunately I have never met another Tibbie at the park so there can be no comparisons, but I have found some photos of Tibetan’s in full coat for you to see what I mean. We look very grand don’t we? I could look that good too.

It has to be said that in comparison the Princess and I fall short a little. But I also have to admit that being brushed every day and bathed regularly to keep that coat looking good is more than I could bear. In fact even today I wriggled so much that Beloved and her beloved have left doing my legs and feet until tomorrow!

Don’t get me wrong. I know I’m cute even with short hair, many people tell us so at the park. In fact I often feel sorry for those dogs who perhaps have missed out a little on the ‘cute’ factor because they don’t get the same attention as the other dogs.

People often stop Beloved and her beloved and ask what type of dogs we are. They think we are some kind of an ‘oodle’. You know; Cavoodle, Spoodle or some other poodle mix. Those poodles really get around.

Most people have never heard of a Tibetan Terrier and I quite like being unusual and I have to admit, I like being cute.

Cute dogs get most of the attention and treats and as you know for this Tibbie treats and cuddles are important.

Cute dogs seem to be able to get away with being a little naughty now and again. I’m not talking about anything too serious, but just little things like not coming as soon as we’re called and rolling in the lovely smelly bits at the reserve.

Cute dogs get noticed more and people are interested in them. We dogs don’t really go by looks. We have other ways of finding out whether we like each other or not. But people seem to be very influenced by the cuteness factor.

I am not as into my looks as The Princess, but nevertheless I have to be honest and say that I would not like to be one of those unfortunates with little legs and funny shaped bodies who seem to have inherited the worst from both sides of the family. No-one ever stops their owners to say how lovely they look and pet them or give them treats. I think that is very sad. I have heard that many end up in shelters and need to be re-homed, that is sad.

Why are looks so important? We dogs are often chosen for the way we look and I have heard some at the park tell me that their owners didn’t even know that they needed lots of exercise before they brought them home, or they didn’t know that they would grow up to be so big. They were just picked because they looked good.

It shouldn’t matter what we look like should it? I know that it is more important what we are like on the inside. Are we friendly Tibbies? Are we faithful Tibbies? Can we be trusted? All of these things are far more important. Yet somehow being cute gets so much more attention and I find myself being influenced by all the comments and wishing I was even better looking than I am.

People comment on the colour of our coat, well, more The Princess because she is so black. And when there is a little length to it it curls a little and they say how lovely it looks. When she hears this she becomes so vain and begins to show off and can be sillier than usual. There is no living with her until something diverts her attention, fortunately that doesn’t usually take too long.

As you know, I am a Tibbie who appreciates comfort. I don’t like water and I don’t like bathes. I don’t like my tail being brushed and I am sure I wouldn’t enjoy having to be fussed about to have long hair de-tangled and combed. Yet, there is still a little part of me that craves to be stylish, that feels that I have somehow given in or given up. That I am wrong not to make the most of myself.

When people stop Beloved and say how good we look I find myself wishing they could see me in my full coat, groomed and handsome. And then I am ashamed and think that I am becoming as shallow as The Princess.

I know that I am a very special Tibbie and that what is inside me wouldn’t change with my outward appearance and yet I know I would enjoy the attention that I would get if I was as smart as some of these Tibbies I have shown you today.

Do I need to look my best (and I look pretty good anyway) to be the best Tibbie I can be?

Why am I so susceptible to pressure from those outside my pack? My Beloved loves me just as I am so I should be satisfied with that shouldn’t I?

It is all too much for me to sort out so I shall have a nap in the sun and hope that Beloved forgets about bathing me tomorrow. And that’s me below just to prove that I can look cute even with a short coat!


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