My story, faithful friend, happy companion – a dog.

Simple Pleasures

I am not a simple Tibbie but I am a Tibbie who enjoys simple things. I am not hard to please. A pleasant walk, a nap in the sun, a cuddle on Beloved’s lap and my favourite meal (any meal) all of these are simple things that give me great pleasure.

I have simple needs and I appreciate life. I enjoy watching people and other dogs. Sometimes I will sit at the window watching the children walk to school or the neighbours take their dogs out for a walk and I will allow myself to wonder if they too enjoy the things that I enjoy.

Not for me the rushing around and stressing about stuff, what is the point? I am a laid back Tibbie, an Aussie Tibbie. Comfortable with myself and my place in the pack (just under Beloved but above The Princess) and happy with my life.

I have mentioned Beloved’s number 2 son AJ a couple of times. I miss him. He has always travelled but he always used to return to me for a while and we’d have some good times. I believe that AJ enjoys the simple things of life too. He has that relaxed air of someone who knows what is important. Things like rolling on the floor with me, taking me to the reserve and allowing me to sneak onto his bed in the morning when Beloved isn’t watching.

Don’t get me wrong, he lives life to the full and has had his fair share of adventures. He has given Beloved enough grey hairs and maybe I am more silver because of him too. He has jumped out of planes, dived with sharks and lived in war zones so he appreciates the simple things when he has chance to.

When he came home to me he relaxed into a pattern of comfort and simplicity that I could relate to.

AJ understands me. He used to take me out to have a coffee all by myself. He is the only one who seemed to realise that sometimes it is good to have a little alone time and I loved our moments without The Princess trying to push in. It was our guys time out and I treasured them.

Since he has left to live in Indonesia there is no-one to take me out. Beloved is very fair and she never takes one of us out alone unless it is to visit the vet and that is a little different, fun, but different.

I am a Tibbie of remarkable good taste and I loved going with AJ to our local coffee shop. It made me feel very special and sophisticated. Beloved used to have a Tibetan Terrier when she lived in France and sometimes they talk about her and sometimes, very occasionally, I wonder if I measure up to this golden beauty. I would have liked to have known her. I like the French accent and when Beloved lived there dogs were allowed to go into restaurants with their family. Some people even sneaked the little ones into supermarkets so France must be a great place to live if it is still like that.

Anyway, AJ and I would walk slowly to the village and visit his favourite shop. I would smell the coffee beans, watch the people walking by and perhaps pass the time of day with another fortunate pal out with his or her walker. Halcyon days.

I could never quite understand why AJ would make the effort of walking out to the village for a drink when he could have gone and eaten sausages whenever he wanted to but perhaps he had his reasons. Sometimes people are an enigma to Tibbies.

It seems though that for AJ life goes on and he is visiting shops in Indonesia where he is now living. At first I found the thought that he would go without me hurtful but now I accept that it is understandable. I still go to the reserve without him and if Beloved would take me to the village I wouldn’t say no.

I am a fair Tibbie and I am pleased that AJ is happy, just as long as he doesn’t take any other dog with him.

The reason I have found out about this behaviour is that he has been sending pictures back to Beloved of the coffee that he has been drinking.

To be honest this is something that puzzles me. Even though I am an amazing Tibbie, I cannot quite understand the attraction of these cups.

I have included some of the pictures here so that you can judge for yourselves and perhaps help me understand why he should be taking so many photographs of them.

Me, I would like to know what kind of sausages they eat in Indonesia, that would make a far better picture.

And I rather like the idea of a guys morning out. Perhaps AJ will come and visit sometime and we can tread the paths to the village together again for old times sake.

Time for a nap now and I hope I dream not of coffee because drinks do not interest this Tibbie. No, I hope to dream of sausages.


2 responses

  1. Zac – Bella reckon’s you look gorgeous on the red couch. X

    April 21, 2012 at 11:01 am

    • Thank you – I reckon I don’t look too bad though Beloved’s beloved said I looked like a mutt! I shall turn my back on him this afternoon. I like the red couch, black and red go well together 🙂

      April 21, 2012 at 12:52 pm

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