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Beautiful Blogger Award

This month is certainly the month for awards and I thank my friends Mollie & Alfie for the latest one. If you don’t know Mollie or Alfie they I recommend you take a trip over to their blog and have a good laugh.

So seven things about myself:

1. I tend to walk on paths and will only go on the grass for the ‘necessities’ of life. When out with Beloved I like to walk on the road but for some reason she won’t let me do this.

2. I am told I can be stubborn. This is based on Beloved’s judgement and although she is usually almost as wise and I am and I know her to be truthful I think she has come to this conclusion because I do not answer to the command ‘Come’ and sometimes at the reserve I will choose not to walk any further and will demand that we leave at a certain gate. Does this make me stubborn?

3. I am a pushover for puppies. It is rather embarrassing but I find myself getting very sloppy and protective over the pups in the park. They are just SO cute!

4. Babies in pushchairs are one of my favourite things too. Have you ever tasted them? I recommend them, all sorts of goodies on their hands and faces. Sometimes their Mums and Dads aren’t too cool about it but mostly I do it so gently they hardly notice.

5. Whilst I ignore the command ‘Come’ (which I think is rather rude and peremptory), I find I cannot disobey the command ‘Sit & Stay’. I can be enjoying a wonderful time somewhere having no intention of leaving that spot and ignoring all the ‘Comes’ from Beloved and her beloved but just one sit and I am, despite myself, bottom on the ground and waiting to be led away. It is an odd weakness in me which I think I must have inherited through my twisted bloodline.

6. I live close to a village and my new resolution is to force Beloved to take me out for coffee at the local shops more often. I love people watching.

7. I am a telly-addict. You probably do know this about me if you have read my posts, but every evening I keep my eye on the ‘box’. I like lying upside down and watching it with my head back or sitting on Beloved’s lap watching. I used to have my own chair when we lived in the big house, but now I have to share a chair with Beloved. It has pros and cons.

Now comes the hard part. I have to nominate seven blogs to receive this award but I suspect all the blogs I know already have it!!  So I will nominate seven and if you have it already, wonderful and if you don’t – even more wonderful 🙂

1. This Sydney Life

2. A Detailed House

3. Pup Felicity

4. Fostrickson

5. Clowie’s Corner

6. Between Fear & Love

7. Just a Tibetan Pup

8. Jasper’s Doggy World

Okay, okay, I do know that’s eight and not seven, but I couldn’t leave out my favourite white Maremma’s and Clowie, you probably have this award already but I think you’re beautiful so you can have it again.

To everyone out there who follows me a huge thanks and if you haven’t this award and I missed you out, I’m sorry. If you have this award and I included you, enjoy being appreciated 🙂

Me & The Princess at the dog park – see, sitting on the path not the grass. Would I lie to you?


The Thinking of You Award

This week seems to be the week for awards 🙂

I am a lucky Tibbie and feel very validated this week. Thank you all.

My latest gift is the ‘Thinking of You’ award.

Isn’t that a nice one? Someone, somewhere is thinking of ME 🙂

It’s a very pretty award too. Beloved loves pansies and talks about their pretty faces, I kid you not! I acknowledge their prettiness but think I should perhaps begin a sausage award. If only you could have scratch and smell on the computer but perhaps that would be too cruel.

On Saturday’s when Beloved takes me to the reserve I can smell the sausage sizzle but can’t get to it. I know!! How bad is that? Every Saturday it’s the same.

What is worse, my pal Roxie has to walk through the village to get to the dog park and she stops at the sausage sizzle on the way home. She did it once and they gave her a sausage. Gave it to her! Her owner didn’t buy it. Now she stops every time she passes and gets one. She’s been walking that road for years and never realised she could get a sausage before – doh!

I’ve tried to pull Beloved in that direction but she will not go even though it won’t cost her a thing. Sometimes Beloved is a little slow to understand, I love her but…..

Anyway, I digress.

Many thanks to my friends at Texas, A Cat in New York  for this award. I really appreciate their thoughts, especially as they have had a sad time losing a pal recently and we have been thinking of them.

The Thinking of You Award would like me to tell you about seven things that I love and I think about daily. Here goes:

1. Breakfast

2. Walk

3. Sleep

4. Sausages

5. Lunch

6. Treats

7. Dinner

I realise that there is a theme here but I felt I needed to be honest!

Now, to pass this award on to seven other bloggers who I am thinking about and who haven’t received it (to the best of my knowledge):

1. Wanderlust – this is Beloved’s son so I am often thinking about him.

2. Ash – Beloved’s other son who I am always thinking about.

3. Clowie’s Corner – Who I am often thinking about – all that blonde fur 🙂

4. Fostrickson – got to admire two dogs surviving with a cat called Odin.

5. Jasper’s Doggy World – Thinking of you in the rain today

6. Dakota’s Den – Dakota gets lots of cool things to test

7. Mollie & Alfie – they are running a great photo competition, I’m not trying to sway the judging, I don’t have a funny picture to send although Beloved hasn’t given up looking yet.

So those are my seven that I am thinking of today and hope you all have a good day.

Here, as in New Zealand with Jasper it is raining so no walk this morning. Having had breakfast all that is left to me is to nap.

Hmmm.. Did I leave some crumbs from breakfast?

With Grateful Thanks


Because Beloved was a little busy and her head wasn’t very clear (she admits it so I’m not being nasty), she has left it a little long to thank Angelswhisper for the lovely award that she nominated ME for.

Thank you so much I love your blog and I am so honoured that any of you follow this humble little Tibbie and his ramblings.

Then today I find I have been nominated for another beautiful award by my pal Easy  The Grazie Award.

Thanks Easy and I appreciate the support and encouragement.

Forgive me if I include the two in one post.


Hmmmm. Something which you don’t already know about me could be hard because I am a very honest and open Tibbie who has shared much about himself with you but I thought you might be interested in learning a little more about the Tibetan Terrier as a breed as we are not too common.

1. Although my breed is called Tibetan Terriers we are not Terriers. We were called terriers by Europeans who travelled to Tibet and for some reason we reminded them of their terriers back in Europe and voila – we were mis-named!

2. As you can see I am learning some french phrases in order to impress a couple of the ladies down at the dog park. I am already fluent in Dog and Beloved-speak.

3. The Tibetan Terrier is able to guard, herd and be a suitable companion dog. I have decided to do one thing really well so I have dropped the guarding and herding part of the job and focussed on being a companion which I am really good at. I know this because Beloved is never alone. She calls me her velcro-dog.

4. In Tibet we are called ‘Tsang Apso’ which means roughly ‘shaggy dog’. This does describe me well and if you see some of the dogs in Tibet it is obvious that they do not have to suffer baths, brushes and clipping.

5. In Tibet we were considered very valuable and the people who owned us did not give us away very often and would not sell us so all of us current Tibetan’s can trace our lines back to the same few foundation dogs in Europe.

6. Recent DNA testing has shown that the Tibetan Terrier is descended from the most ancient dog breeds. But I am a humble Tibbie and I do not let this go to my head.

7. The Tibetan Terrier evolved over hundreds of years of harsh conditions. We were called ‘little people’ and valued by the monks and the families we belonged too, pretty much like today. Beloved highly values me and often tells me that I am a big baby.

8. Selling a Tibetan Terrier was considered to be selling your good luck so we were not sold only ever given as gifts. The first Tibetan Terrier to go to Europe was given to a doctor for saving the life of a Tibetan person. This has changed today which I think is rather sad, but on the other hand if we don’t get some more Tibetan Terriers out of Tibet the in-breeding cycle will continue and get worse.

9. We were treated like children in the family and would assist in taking care of the property, the flocks and the herds. Sometimes we would be sent to accompany a traveller home because we were known to be sure-footed and reliable. Sadly this is a trait I have not inherited and as Beloved tells anyone I am unlikely to find my way home from next door!

10. We had read that there are no Tibetan Terriers left in Tibet but have recently found that this is not true. So anyone who wants to see us Tibbies in our original habitat can take a trip to Tibet and find us there. There are also quite a few in the Tibetan refugee camps in Nepal.

I hope you enjoyed finding out a little about my ancestors but of course I am a product of many years of breeding and quite a few years of Beloved’s pampering!!

I would like to nominate:

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Via the Grazie Award I send a big sloppy kiss/lick to:

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Beloved shares your blogs with me and we both enjoy them so much. Now after all that hard work I will go back to my nap.

Thanks guys and meet you again on the blogosphere soon 🙂

Yo! I’m Cool!



Versatile Blog Award

Versatile Blogger Award

Imagine my surprise this morning when I received a lovely e-mail which Beloved shared with me. A lovely lady called Anastasia nominated me for the Versatile Blog Award. I blushed with pleasure, but of course you can’t see that beneath the fur.

I have to say I’m pretty chuffed that someone would think of me and it only goes to prove what I tell The Princess all the time, I am a pretty remarkable Tibetan and although she is all fluff and flirtatiousness, I am the brains of the operation. How we came from the same kennel I do not know!

I am also a very polite and well brought up Tibbie so I want to thank Anastasia of ‘The Love of a Dog’ blog. I am not sure if I am copying the link correctly because I am new to this technology but I will do my best:

Author : The Love of a Dog
URL    :

Now I have to tell you seven things about myself. Only seven that will be the problem. Well you know a lot about me already so I’ll try and add seven new things.

1. I love Anastasia

2. I love head high grass

3. I hate baths

4. I do not like having my ears and tail brushed

5. I love children and babies

6. I do not like loud voices and angry people or dogs

7. I hate the rain and I have never seen snow but I’m pretty sure I’d hate that too.

There are many more things about me that I want to tell you, but I will wait for another time to talk about those things. Right now I have to go off and nominate my fifteen favourite blogs and I have to go and tell The Princess all about it. Boy, will she be mad!

This is a good day.