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Beautiful Blogger Award

This month is certainly the month for awards and I thank my friends Mollie & Alfie for the latest one. If you don’t know Mollie or Alfie they I recommend you take a trip over to their blog and have a good laugh.

So seven things about myself:

1. I tend to walk on paths and will only go on the grass for the ‘necessities’ of life. When out with Beloved I like to walk on the road but for some reason she won’t let me do this.

2. I am told I can be stubborn. This is based on Beloved’s judgement and although she is usually almost as wise and I am and I know her to be truthful I think she has come to this conclusion because I do not answer to the command ‘Come’ and sometimes at the reserve I will choose not to walk any further and will demand that we leave at a certain gate. Does this make me stubborn?

3. I am a pushover for puppies. It is rather embarrassing but I find myself getting very sloppy and protective over the pups in the park. They are just SO cute!

4. Babies in pushchairs are one of my favourite things too. Have you ever tasted them? I recommend them, all sorts of goodies on their hands and faces. Sometimes their Mums and Dads aren’t too cool about it but mostly I do it so gently they hardly notice.

5. Whilst I ignore the command ‘Come’ (which I think is rather rude and peremptory), I find I cannot disobey the command ‘Sit & Stay’. I can be enjoying a wonderful time somewhere having no intention of leaving that spot and ignoring all the ‘Comes’ from Beloved and her beloved but just one sit and I am, despite myself, bottom on the ground and waiting to be led away. It is an odd weakness in me which I think I must have inherited through my twisted bloodline.

6. I live close to a village and my new resolution is to force Beloved to take me out for coffee at the local shops more often. I love people watching.

7. I am a telly-addict. You probably do know this about me if you have read my posts, but every evening I keep my eye on the ‘box’. I like lying upside down and watching it with my head back or sitting on Beloved’s lap watching. I used to have my own chair when we lived in the big house, but now I have to share a chair with Beloved. It has pros and cons.

Now comes the hard part. I have to nominate seven blogs to receive this award but I suspect all the blogs I know already have it!!  So I will nominate seven and if you have it already, wonderful and if you don’t – even more wonderful 🙂

1. This Sydney Life

2. A Detailed House

3. Pup Felicity

4. Fostrickson

5. Clowie’s Corner

6. Between Fear & Love

7. Just a Tibetan Pup

8. Jasper’s Doggy World

Okay, okay, I do know that’s eight and not seven, but I couldn’t leave out my favourite white Maremma’s and Clowie, you probably have this award already but I think you’re beautiful so you can have it again.

To everyone out there who follows me a huge thanks and if you haven’t this award and I missed you out, I’m sorry. If you have this award and I included you, enjoy being appreciated 🙂

Me & The Princess at the dog park – see, sitting on the path not the grass. Would I lie to you?


Decorating for Dogs – A Post by Zena, Decorator to the Dogs.

So Zac is MIA today.

Well. Not really.

He isn’t missing, he’s asleep next to me.

Zac sleeping next to me BOL

And he hasn’t been in action. He does walk to the dog park but beyond that his only activity is to the food bowl and back to his bed LOL.

Anyways. I have snuck in and for once this is a SERIOUS post with SERIOUS stuff IMO.

So. Here I am ready to give interior design advice. Yes. Really BOL.

It was Zac’s pal Easy who gave me the idea.

Easy’s staff were trying to find a paint to match his Weimaraner coat and it made me think. Yeah really, despite what Zac says I do think – sometimes!

In my humble opinion when you get a pet you have a duty of care to that pet and to display that pet as best as you can.

Beloved has had mixed success as I will demonstrate.

The white walls aren’t too bad for showcasing my beauty, but the grey of the carpet is a real miss. This needs to go as soon as possible

Your standard white dogs like Clowie, Jasper and Nellie look pretty good in most settings. They look especially good on green grass so you might like to think about bringing the outside in and laying grass in your living area.

This has the added benefit of not having to wipe up muddy paw prints and will allow your adored pet to chew bones inside. There is the downside that you might have to cut the grass but pets come with responsibilities.

Although I appreciate the effort Beloved has gone to with her bedroom, a sort of homage to us really, black sheets, white bedcover so I would stand out, the overall effect is less than I would want. Once again the white washes me out.

Dogs like Easy go well with the neutral colour palette of light beige and creams with perhaps a pop of colour like orange or lime green to really show off their coats. To much beige and Easy will blend into the background. Never what you should want for your pets.

I am full of admiration for Mollie who’s cat Alfie (or is it Alfie with dog Mollie?), who are an incredibly well-matched pair colour-wise. This makes decorating so much easier for their staff.

Although I stand out a little on this green leather, it is my careful use of Beloved’s soft blanket which helps. By itself that particular shade of green is a little too muted, a lime green would be much better.

Now we come to me, me, meeeeeee (singing in my mind).

I am black. Zac was black but he is less black now which really bugs him ALOL!

Anyways. I am black and like Doggy, we black dogs do present a particular challenge.

Number 2 son’s bedroom is almost there. The blue bedcover is a little too pale again (what is it with Beloved and these pale colours), but a quick clever placement of a blue cushion saves me from being lost.

You have to go the extra mile with the black dog.

You’d think we’d be easy but although we stand out against the creams and whites we really pop if you’re prepared to use colour.

AJ’s bedroom and again Beloved has used white and a muted grey which doesn’t really give me too much to work with. If Beloved adds a few accessories matching the deep pink of the flowers it would help to showcase me much better.

Beloved has played it way too safe in the house IMHO.

All the off-white and pale greens don’t really do us justice.

Here I am in my favourite seat in the kitchen, the only room that Beloved has got it right. See how I stand out and ‘Pop’ whilst on the red chair – what a difference.

A strong colour shows us off to our best advantage and so I’ll be trying to get Beloved to redecorate very soon. Red all the way.


Hope this helps everyone out their to really maximize the positive in their pets.

Style. I happen to have been born with it.

BBIAB. C4N – Zena, Warrior Princess, Decorator to the Dogs, Styler Extraordinaire.

My French Cousins – Mes Cousins Français

A little while ago I talked about Beloved having a birthday and the family getting together. It was great.

Now, Ajay, number two son is preparing to return to Indonesia and our family is scattered again. Being a Tibbie who likes his pack all together in one room this is sad to me.

I thought though that I would take the opportunity to introduce you to my extended family in France.

Ooh! La La!

And yes, I shall also pepper this introduction with the odd French word and be very pretentious.

Most of you have never heard about my French cousins. To be honest, I have never met my French cousins. And to be even more honest they are English cousins who have moved to France to live. Being a very truthful Tibbie I would not like to mislead you.

Boodle & Dunthorne as puppies with Shelfie

These are two West Highland White Terriers, a brother and sister who in the photographs look very alike to me. They are true Terriers and they are most certainly very white. Their names are Boodle and Dunthorne.

For those of you who do not know, and I have to confess to having been ignorant of this myself, Boodle & Dunthorne is a jewellery store in the United Kingdom. I gather it is quite a famous one and has been in existence since 1798, which, when you think about it is only ten years after Europeans migrants arrived here in Australia.

Their Beloved is Shelfie. Shelfie isn’t French either, her mother is German, her father was English and like Beloved she has lived all over the place. People have no sense of territory any more, it is very disturbing not to mention confusing.

Beloved’s beloved and Tony, Shelfie’s husband were brothers.

Tony was a brave man who was diagnosed with a horrible disease called Parkinson’s when he was quite young. Despite that, a few years ago he came over to visit us in Australia from England where they were then living and we had a fine old time.

I have to admit that we were sometimes very naughty with Tony. My joints were not quite so bad then and I could still run quite briskly, certainly enough to evade Beloved and her beloved!

Tony was warned not to open the front door because I had a tendency to run out and escape but one day he forgot and I seized the moment and led The Princess out on an adventure.

Beloved’s beloved drove home to see Tony on his motorised invalid scooter driving around the street trying to catch The Princess and I who were having a fine old game!

We were soon caught and went home but we’d had a lot of fun. Good old Tony! I hope he enjoyed it too.

He rather fell in love with Australia and if he hadn’t had Parkinson’s I think he might have quite enjoyed returning for a longer holiday, but instead when he went back to the United Kingdom he and Shelfie and my two English cousins went to live in France and Voila! now they are my French cousins because it has more of a ‘cachet’ to it!

Mignons – Oui?

Then Tony got sicker and sicker and life became too hard and miserable for him. When he died we were very sad about it. We have great memories of him and his braveness and when I think my arthritis is painful and sore I think of  Tony and realise how brave he was not to complain and I try not to complain either.

Shelfie, Boodle and Dunthorne remain in France and seem to be having many exciting adventures driving to England and staying with friends.

But being a Tibbie of great wisdom I know that they must be very sad and still miss Tony a great deal.

I know that in the last few years Shelfie had to look after Tony which was hard for her, but she was willing to do it because she loved him. It makes me grateful that I have Beloved who loves me and who will look after me when I am sick.

I know too that Tony loved Boodle and Dunthorne and that they gave him so much pleasure. When he couldn’t do very much he could watch them play and have fun in the garden and it would make him smile.

One day I hope that the clever people find a cure for things like Parkinson’s Disease so that families like Tony, Shelfie, Boodle and Dunthorne do not suffer through this horrible disease any more because as you know I am a Tibbie who likes to watch and one thing I have learnt from watching my French cousins and others in a similar situation is that everyone in the family is impacted through a serious illness.

I am sure that Boodle and Dunthorne still miss their Tony and would be happy to see him come through the door but Shelfie is keeping them busy and helping them through their grief.

‘En voyage’
Travelling to the UK in style and luxury

As you can see from the photographs, life for them is pretty similar to life for us in OZ except that we have less flowers on our beds! I think I would get on well with Auntie Shelfie and I think I might be able to get a sausage treat out of her!

Although I have never met them I feel a certain ‘esprit de corps’ when I see their pictures and read about their trips. I think that they should start a blog too because I’m sure they would have a great deal to say.

I’m guessing that the pink is Boodle and the blue is Dunthorne but I could be wrong!
Very chic guys

I would love to know how they are getting on with their French. Have they made a ‘faux pas’ since living in a foreign country?

Is Boodle a ‘femme fatale’ locally? And do they eat ‘haute cuisine’ all the time?

I have a lot of questions for them and wish we could meet them but I know that the trip to Australia from France for a dog would be just too difficult for a holiday so I will make do with the photographs.

So with the ‘mise on scène’ set, I will leave you with these images of my french cousins pampered lifestyle and I will go and find my big soft cushion bed and have my morning nap because it will be lunch before you know it and I must have a rest in order to prepare for chewing.

Au revoir and bonne journee.

Boodle & Dunthorne visiting Tony’s grave

The Thinking of You Award

This week seems to be the week for awards 🙂

I am a lucky Tibbie and feel very validated this week. Thank you all.

My latest gift is the ‘Thinking of You’ award.

Isn’t that a nice one? Someone, somewhere is thinking of ME 🙂

It’s a very pretty award too. Beloved loves pansies and talks about their pretty faces, I kid you not! I acknowledge their prettiness but think I should perhaps begin a sausage award. If only you could have scratch and smell on the computer but perhaps that would be too cruel.

On Saturday’s when Beloved takes me to the reserve I can smell the sausage sizzle but can’t get to it. I know!! How bad is that? Every Saturday it’s the same.

What is worse, my pal Roxie has to walk through the village to get to the dog park and she stops at the sausage sizzle on the way home. She did it once and they gave her a sausage. Gave it to her! Her owner didn’t buy it. Now she stops every time she passes and gets one. She’s been walking that road for years and never realised she could get a sausage before – doh!

I’ve tried to pull Beloved in that direction but she will not go even though it won’t cost her a thing. Sometimes Beloved is a little slow to understand, I love her but…..

Anyway, I digress.

Many thanks to my friends at Texas, A Cat in New York  for this award. I really appreciate their thoughts, especially as they have had a sad time losing a pal recently and we have been thinking of them.

The Thinking of You Award would like me to tell you about seven things that I love and I think about daily. Here goes:

1. Breakfast

2. Walk

3. Sleep

4. Sausages

5. Lunch

6. Treats

7. Dinner

I realise that there is a theme here but I felt I needed to be honest!

Now, to pass this award on to seven other bloggers who I am thinking about and who haven’t received it (to the best of my knowledge):

1. Wanderlust – this is Beloved’s son so I am often thinking about him.

2. Ash – Beloved’s other son who I am always thinking about.

3. Clowie’s Corner – Who I am often thinking about – all that blonde fur 🙂

4. Fostrickson – got to admire two dogs surviving with a cat called Odin.

5. Jasper’s Doggy World – Thinking of you in the rain today

6. Dakota’s Den – Dakota gets lots of cool things to test

7. Mollie & Alfie – they are running a great photo competition, I’m not trying to sway the judging, I don’t have a funny picture to send although Beloved hasn’t given up looking yet.

So those are my seven that I am thinking of today and hope you all have a good day.

Here, as in New Zealand with Jasper it is raining so no walk this morning. Having had breakfast all that is left to me is to nap.

Hmmm.. Did I leave some crumbs from breakfast?

Stars in my Eyes

Colour me starstruck!

Hugh Jackman was in the Pet Store where I get my nails cut…. I know!!! Hugh Jackman!! I wonder if he was having his nails cut too?

A real, live celebrity in my village and I was dozing in the sun. If he’d known he would have wanted to meet me I’m sure.

Beloved missed him by moments. Typical. If I’d known I would have given him an autographed picture of me because as you know I am a Tibbie who loves television and X-Men makes me growl at the bad guys.

Do you think he would have liked one with me and Big Dog?

I’m not sure Beloved caught the best profile here, I might get her to practice a bit for the next time Hugh’s in town. Then I can give him a really good photo of me!

Bye Bye Brie

This week has been a bit tough which is why I haven’t posted before now.

Little Brie settled in with us very well. For the first few days she needed all of her toys and her lead close to her, it was as if she felt she might be dragged away at any moment and she didn’t want to go too far away from the things that had begun to mean stability to her, her little teddy, her bed, her woollen coat and her pink lead.

After a couple of days she decided that Beloved could hang the lead up with ours. Then Beloved began to get a bit concerned. Was she going to be able to let this little dog go? Would she get too attached to her? It would be so easy just to keep her but would be that the best thing for Brie or us?

Beloved thought photographing a white dog would be easier but she didn’t allow for the fact that The Puffball didn’t stay still!

Negotiations began with an elderly lady who thought Brie would suit her. She wasn’t too sure though and when Beloved learnt that this lady was out a great deal and The Puffball would spend these days out in the garden she was concerned. The Puffball is a sociable little girl who has always had a furry pal to be with.

Beloved didn’t own The Puffball, we were only looking after her for C, the person who took the responsibility of re-homing her. When Beloved told C that this lady wanted to keep Brie outside a lot she too felt the home wouldn’t be right. The last thing anyone wanted was for another re-homing to go wrong.

So The Puffball stayed and settled even more and began to enjoy our routine.

The Princess and The Puffball (sounds like a fairy tail), enjoyed playing together. They had moments that Beloved called their ‘silly sessions’ where they ran around and around and then they had the rough and tumble playtimes when The Princess would lie down and The Puffball would nibble her ears and dart at her from corners of the room.

I know though that Beloved has been concerned about me and I wish I could help her.

I went to visit my favourite vet earlier in the week for a couple of vaccinations. He admitted that the last medication I was on had aged me and that I was intolerant to it. He hoped that if I lost a little weight the pain for my muscles and joints would ease.

I wasn’t so happy about hearing that and have been watching Beloved carefully to make sure she hasn’t cut my food down, but it appears that I will lose weight simply by not being on the medication any more so that is okay.

Maybe it was the stress of having The Puffball with us, you know an extra female to look out for, but I have just been so tired.

This is how I have spent the last few days with the occasional (and I mean occasional) trip to the garden.

I have been willing to go out for my walk in the morning because it is after all routine, but beyond that I have just wanted a bed to sleep on. At night I have found it hard to jump onto Beloved’s lap. She has picked me up and then I’ve just slept all evening.

I think it’s called fatigue or something because I just can’t seem to shake the lethargy.

The Princess however has had a different problem develop this week, not a physical one.

The Puffball had been with us a few days and all of a sudden The Princess realised that she wasn’t the ‘baby’ any more. She wasn’t the smallest, the youngest or the newest member of the pack.

It was easy for me. I’m the boss. Okay, it was extra work having to follow them both around in the park and make sure they were behaving well and safe, but I know my place, just below Beloved and above the rest! It may be that this is why I’m so tired, the extra ‘autographs’ (as our pal Easy puts it) I had to correct by the girls.

Here was a crisis! The Princess has always been happy as the baby. She loves that role. She has never challenged me because she doesn’t want the responsibility. She likes being the carefree, careless one.

Beloved was very careful to keep treating The Princess as she always had. At night she cuddled Zena on the lap after I’d had my turn and The Puffball sat on Beloved’s beloved.

Nevetheless Zena felt different. She likes being the baby with me. She whines and wiggles and lies on her back until I give her whatever it is that she wants. It always works because I’m a big softie.

Could you resist that face? Those eyes? We couldn’t.

Now all of a sudden here is The Puffball using those same tactics on The Princess! Yep, karma again 🙂

She was shocked!

She began to see that it could be difficult if The Puffball were to move in. Where would she fit in? Would she continue to get the attention from Beloved that she is used to?

The simple answer is of course – No. Things were already different with The Puffball just staying with us. The pack dynamics changed and we would each have to accept our place. And the place for The Princess would change. She wouldn’t want The Puffball to be above her and so she would lose her baby status.

The Princess worrying about where she belongs in the new ‘blended’ family and wondering how to get a pink diamond studded collar like Brie’s!

I watched closely but I have to say The Princess stepped up to the responsibility better than I had imagined. She didn’t become jealous and insecure. She was generous and gracious.

When it was obvious that Beloved, whilst loving The Puffball, wasn’t going to replace the nightly Princess tummy rubbing ritual, she welcomed The Puffball and shared all her toys without any problem. She played with her and slept alongside her. We ate in the same room and were very polite about waiting until each one had finished before checking out their dishes. We all went for a walk in the dog park together and travelled in the car.

We taught The Puffball how to make sure that Beloved opens the back windows for us (whine and whine), and we told her all about the great smells in the garden and where to find the best ones.

She showed us her trick of dancing on her back legs when she was excited or wanted something, but she couldn’t teach it to us. We are squarer, heavier Tibbies not light as a feather Bichon’s.

The Puffball dancing. Can you see me doing that? I don’t think so!!!

We were all settling down nicely and The Princess was becoming resigned to the loss of her baby status and then Beloved found a forever home for The Puffball.

She made up some leaflets to put around the village and within an hour they were seen by a family who had rescued a dog smaller than The Puffball about six months ago. They have been looking for a little pal to play with their dog for a while and because they also had small children it had to be a loving, safe little friend.

When they saw the brochure Beloved had pinned up they were so excited they went running to find out all the details.

They took her an hour ago.

She was a little anxious when she saw her things being put together but she hopped into that car with four year old Jack without a backward glance. Last seen licking one very happy little boy all over his (no doubt tasty) smiling face!

Will we miss her? Yes!

Does the house seem empty? Very!

Are we glad she’s gone? Absolutely!

She was gorgeous, loving and special and she has gone to a home where she will have company, stimulation and lots of arms to cuddle her. It is amazing that such a little white dog can make such an impression on a home that it can feel empty now she’s gone even though the only thing to have left it is her.

Perhaps it is early to celebrate but somehow this home feels just right and I like to think that The Puffball knew it too because she went off so happily without a hint of anxiety in those beautiful big brown eyes or any hesitation in her dancing steps.

Now I have to go back onto my bed and hope that this tiredness passes soon and The Princess can go back to being the baby of the house!

Bye bye Brie. You’re a Puffball in a million and we will remember you with a huge smile. May your future be full of cuddles and sticky faces to lick. Hmmmm, maybe you could invite us over to play?

Thinking that The Puffball will be playing with her new family now and hopefully will not have a moment to even think about us.

Family Love

Beloved had a birthday over the weekend and it was great. She enjoyed it. We enjoyed and we hope everyone involved enjoyed it too.

As I’ve mentioned before Beloved is very careless with her sons. They are often in different countries and it isn’t because they’re running away from her or anything. Or at least I don’t think they are!

However, for this birthday everyone was here in Melbourne, Australia. Beloved was thrilled. AJ (number 2 son) came over from Indonesia where he is living with L because of their work and T hasn’t left Melbourne for his next post overseas yet so he was around with his family.

This is me, totally unimpressed with the candle that Beloved got for her birthday, she seemed to like it but I shall have to let them know that for my birthday I expect edible all the way!

Of course she got some great presents, or at least she liked them. I think sausages and bones would have been more appropriate. The chocolates smelt interesting but The Princess and I aren’t allowed to eat chocolate on account of it being bad for us.

Like Beloved, we were more excited about the people and it made me think about the importance of our families.

We have a small family. Beloved has a brother in the UK and then she has her parents, her beloved and her two sons. No cousins, no aunts and uncles, no nephews and nieces.

My natural family is huge but I have to say since I left I haven’t really thought about them very much. I wasn’t too attached to my two brothers and only have a vague recollection of one of them being golden and the other black like me. And of course one whined a lot which is why we called him Whimpers.

The black brother produced The Princess so she is my niece, this means I have a member of my blood family and my adopted family so I think I am probably a lucky Tibbie. I live in a modern blended family!

The Princess, you can see the family likeness and I am ashamed to say that sometimes Beloved has had to look twice at us to see which is which. I am more of a silver and I have more gravitas.

I hear from some of the dogs at the park who have very large families and that must be really great. I would like that a lot, I think most dogs (except Prissy Paw) would enjoy large, expansive family gatherings with lots of barbecues and baby-licks running around dropping biscuits and other ‘forbidden’ foods.

Even as I talk about it my mouth is watering at the thought.

We’re not huge but we have grown a little in the last few years. Since T married he brought A and M (or Magic as they like to call her) into our lives and that has really livened things up and made for more exciting visits.

Magic came to Beloved’s birthday dinner and I thought it was very unfair that The Princess and I had to stay at home. In France I am told that dogs can go into restaurants and I think that is only right. After all, we are family too.

I love having the family together. I will even suffer Prissy Paws. As far as I’m concerned the more the merrier and there is always the chance that someone will drop a piece of something delicious on the floor over dinner, though it is always more of a wish than a reality.

One guess as to why I call her ‘The Princess’

Family is more important than being able to throw a big party at a special event. A loving family can be at your side when things are difficult and when things are going well.

Beloved and my family are there for me. If I am sick, one of them will help to take me to the vet and help give me the medicine and look after me.

If Beloved and her beloved go away and for some reason cannot take us, T, A & Magic will look after The Princess and I.

Families help each other out. Friends are important too, but if we are lucky enough to have a loving family we should treasure them. I have heard some sad stories which seem to show that not all families do love each other. That is very sad and I am pleased and aware that I am a very privileged Tibbie to have a loving family. I like to think I make it more loving and add my amount of support and comfort too.

I can honestly say that I would not be the amazing Tibbie I am today if it hadn’t been for Beloved, her beloved and our family. They took me in as a little pup and showed me how to behave. Although I did have to do a little educating of them myself, but then families learn from each other!

I am not quite sure where she went wrong with The Princess, I think she spoilt her and I was a little indulgent too, so we both bear the blame for her.

Beloved is an anchor for us. Like little people we feel safe and nurtured when we have an understanding of our boundaries and what she expects from us. The Princess and I are Tibbies who like our routine and we feel safe when we follow that routine, we know what is coming next, when our next meal is coming and that is a comfort to a Tibbie with a hollow tummy.

I am glad that I can stay with Beloved forever. I don’t have to leave and work or move out to start a family. My job is as a companion to Beloved. I understand what she likes and my needs are tied up in hers. I am happy when she is happy.

I realise that I would have been a very different Tibbie if I had been brought up in another family. I may not have been a bad Tibbie, but I wouldn’t have been the Tibbie I am today. I am special.

I am glad we have a family who can come together and be happy. I think it is important to spend time together to build a strong family. The Princess and I are together all the time and although I mock her I wouldn’t want anything to hurt or frighten her.

Sometimes it’s important to be honest with each other or misunderstandings can grow and become problems. For a while I would get upset with The Princess when she turned my taking Big Dog to Beloved into a tug of war game. It isn’t a game.

Eventually I explained that it wasn’t a toy she realised I was serious and now when we greet Beloved in the morning she leaves me to bring Big Dog to and she goes to get baby, a toy she plays with or doesn’t bother taking anything and just lies waiting for Beloved to cuddle her!

Greeting Beloved in the morning

That’s how a family should work. Listen to the needs of each other and try to accommodate them. Of course when The Princess whines for my dinner I let her know that that is unacceptable, family members shouldn’t take advantage of the kindness of others!

As I get older I feel so much safer knowing that Beloved is there to take care of me. As I’ve had my health issues, I appreciate not having to worry about how I’m going to cope and the stress of finding my own food, or having to worry about being bullied by those who are stronger (horrible I know but believe me it happens). I know my family is there to protect me and look out for me.

I don’t enjoy having bad days when my joints don’t work or my skin is itchy, but when I’m really feeling uncomfortable I go to Beloved and somehow she knows and does her best to make it better and if she can’t make it go away completely she certainly gives me lots of cuddles so that I don’t feel anxious and that helps me to feel better.

I am a family Tibbie. I love my family. I love my family being all together and I miss them when they are not under the same roof but the nice thing about them traveling is the excitement I feel when they come back to visit again.

I am hoping Beloved has another birthday very, very soon but for some reason she seems to be happy to wait another year for her birthday.

So that is my thought for today. I hope all of you out there have families who love and protect you too and that you love being a part of them.

The Princess and I have had our walk and being safe in the comfort of my home and the centre of my small family I shall now relax and have my morning nap and perhaps I will dream of gatherings to come, perhaps I can persuade Beloved to have a sausage sizzle one weekend. I’m sure all the family would want to join in for that.

Me. Signing off and zoning out 🙂