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Dear Zac

Dear Zac

Yesterday was one of the hardest of my life. Saying goodbye to you. Taking you to that clinic knowing we would be leaving without you and never have you with us again. Your eyes watching me, trusting me, loving me. I hope I didn’t let you down.

The house is too quiet today. For such a little fellow, you filled my life. You were with us for only eight years, a short but bright life.

I remember driving to pick you up. I was excited and as so often happens, you chose us. You came with us without looking back and I don’t remember an occasion over the past eight years when you showed any fear.

You confidently looked out on the world and you took me by storm.

From the beginning you stubbornly taught me that you would not tolerate closed doors. We compromised. You slept outside our bedroom door. You were happy. From that moment on you taught me to understand what you wanted and what you didn’t want. It didn’t mean you always got it, but you certainly tried!

You entertained us and brought life into our home.

2 years after having you we brought Zena into our family and you lovingly accepted her. You became her playmate, her parent, her protector and without any trace of jealousy you let her sleep in your bed and play with your toys.

You had such a big heart.

But your big heart was not enough to keep you going with all the health trials we have been through with you.

You bravely dealt with kneecaps that slipped out, shoulders that were sore and regular ear infections. For seven years these issues were painful for you at times, but the times in between were pain free and good.

Recently though, the pain has been a constant with you. We saw it in your eyes. The distress of constant itching, ear infections, the discomfort of arthritis. We saw it and did our best to help.

We tried special food, shampoos, medicines. We saw you struggle and it broke our hearts to see our brave boy dealing with all of this. You had such a gentle nature and you deserved a stronger body.

I thought we were coping, not winning, but coping.

When I woke today you greeted me and brought me Big Dog, I didn’t know it would be for the last time and how I ache this morning as I get up and you’re not there to greet me.

We took our walk and we had a good time, though you couldn’t do the full walk any more. Again, I had no idea it would be the last walk we took together.

I washed the sores around your face and we spent lunch together, you cuddling up on my lap as usual.

It was then that I noticed that your ear was worse and you had scratched it until it was bleeding. I called the vet and made an appointment.

By itself it was treatable. Taken with everything else it was an indication that your body was breaking down. How much could we put you through? How much pain, suffering, medications and procedures could we expect you to have?

If by a surgical procedure we could have made you better, we would have. I knew walking into that surgery that I would face the same question from the vet that he had asked me the last time I saw him. How was your quality of life? This time as I looked into your beautiful brown trusting eyes I couldn’t say it was good. It was deteriorating.

Suddenly the decision was made and everything happened so fast. You came home for a big dinner and a lot of spoiling and to give us a chance to say goodbye.

Even now I find it difficult to grasp. You are no longer here. The house is quiet. I can put the television on without you rushing to the screen.
If I could bring you back I would, but I would want you back healthy and fit.

As I walked from that clinic I wanted to rush back and take the decision back, to have you with me again. If we could turn back time, I would go back eight years my little pal.

But I can’t. We only had a short time together but you were so special to me. A furry soul mate.

I want you to know my friend that you have been a great companion. You could not have been better.

You have been a great pal.

You have been my partner in this blog and great company throughout your years with our family.

When I struggled with my health you would curl up beside me, undemanding and giving.

We will always remember your quirky ways.

We will always remember the way you howled if you felt you were being ignored.

We will remember the way you loved television and I will feel a pain when your favourite shows come on. Who will keep the bad guys away now?

We will remember the way you hated getting your paws wet and always insisted on walking on paths, even in the garden.

We will remember the way you always sat on your mat with that expectant look on your face whenever it was time for a treat.

We will remember the way you enjoyed your occasional sausage treat and the way you loved going into the village and I’m sorry that we didn’t take you more. I had hoped to take you when the better weather came but it was not to be.

Through this last night Zena, The Princess, who you looked after so well has been crying. Her crying turned to howls early this morning and as I got up comforting her I found the tears coming again. It hurts not to have you here. We all miss you

My precious boy, I will miss you for always. We have a Zac-shaped hole in our lives and it will always be there.

For those of you who have followed this blog I thank you for your encouragement and support.
This blog was truly inspired by Zac and his sometimes solemn ways.

He had a way of looking at me and the things around him which such a deep and thoughtful expression and I used to wonder what he was thinking, hence this blog.
This will be my last blog. In memory of my wonderful pal.

I have had other dogs but none as special to me as Zac.

Don’t look back my little Pal, look forward to the next adventure and know that if possible we will be with you again one day.

From the one who is proud to have been loved by Zac The All Black – a very wise and gentle Tibbie.


The Talk We Never Want to Have With Our Pets

Beloved and I are having the talk.
Not the talk about sex which you people have
The talk about life…… And death.
You see things are getting pretty hard for me at the moment
I have arthritis and the pills help with some of the pain but not all
I can cope with pain
I still enjoy my walk in the morning. Beloved goes very slowly and although I am limping by the time I get back to the house the vet has said it is good for me to exercise.
The Prednisone caused my muscles to waste and that didn’t help. All of a sudden from being a stiff Tibbie with a little arthritis I have gone to a Tibbie with a great deal of arthritis and overweight. Although the weight is coming off.
It is the itching that is the problem.
It seems to have got worse.
I cannot stop scratching, licking and biting.
It has never been this bad.
Beloved had to try my medication on every other day because of a growth on my gums but then the itch took over and now my paws are bleeding and I have sores on my tummy and around my mouth.
So we are having the talk.
She loves me.
She doesn’t want me to suffer.
I love her.
I am happy walking a little bit.
I am happy having my cuddles, although sometimes the itch even makes those uncomfortable.
I am happy with my meals and my treats.
But the itch is making me miserable and the pain and infections are increasing.
Beloved is looking into my eyes and we are trying to work it out.
I know she will be sad when the time comes. I will be sad, but I will also look back on a life of sausages and treats, cuddles and love and I will be at peace.
I wish I could talk out loud and share how I’m feeling, but all I can do is look back into her eyes and together we’ll work it out.
Today the sores are around my mouth and my ear infection has started up again
We have to talk.

With Grateful Thanks


Because Beloved was a little busy and her head wasn’t very clear (she admits it so I’m not being nasty), she has left it a little long to thank Angelswhisper for the lovely award that she nominated ME for.

Thank you so much I love your blog and I am so honoured that any of you follow this humble little Tibbie and his ramblings.

Then today I find I have been nominated for another beautiful award by my pal Easy  The Grazie Award.

Thanks Easy and I appreciate the support and encouragement.

Forgive me if I include the two in one post.


Hmmmm. Something which you don’t already know about me could be hard because I am a very honest and open Tibbie who has shared much about himself with you but I thought you might be interested in learning a little more about the Tibetan Terrier as a breed as we are not too common.

1. Although my breed is called Tibetan Terriers we are not Terriers. We were called terriers by Europeans who travelled to Tibet and for some reason we reminded them of their terriers back in Europe and voila – we were mis-named!

2. As you can see I am learning some french phrases in order to impress a couple of the ladies down at the dog park. I am already fluent in Dog and Beloved-speak.

3. The Tibetan Terrier is able to guard, herd and be a suitable companion dog. I have decided to do one thing really well so I have dropped the guarding and herding part of the job and focussed on being a companion which I am really good at. I know this because Beloved is never alone. She calls me her velcro-dog.

4. In Tibet we are called ‘Tsang Apso’ which means roughly ‘shaggy dog’. This does describe me well and if you see some of the dogs in Tibet it is obvious that they do not have to suffer baths, brushes and clipping.

5. In Tibet we were considered very valuable and the people who owned us did not give us away very often and would not sell us so all of us current Tibetan’s can trace our lines back to the same few foundation dogs in Europe.

6. Recent DNA testing has shown that the Tibetan Terrier is descended from the most ancient dog breeds. But I am a humble Tibbie and I do not let this go to my head.

7. The Tibetan Terrier evolved over hundreds of years of harsh conditions. We were called ‘little people’ and valued by the monks and the families we belonged too, pretty much like today. Beloved highly values me and often tells me that I am a big baby.

8. Selling a Tibetan Terrier was considered to be selling your good luck so we were not sold only ever given as gifts. The first Tibetan Terrier to go to Europe was given to a doctor for saving the life of a Tibetan person. This has changed today which I think is rather sad, but on the other hand if we don’t get some more Tibetan Terriers out of Tibet the in-breeding cycle will continue and get worse.

9. We were treated like children in the family and would assist in taking care of the property, the flocks and the herds. Sometimes we would be sent to accompany a traveller home because we were known to be sure-footed and reliable. Sadly this is a trait I have not inherited and as Beloved tells anyone I am unlikely to find my way home from next door!

10. We had read that there are no Tibetan Terriers left in Tibet but have recently found that this is not true. So anyone who wants to see us Tibbies in our original habitat can take a trip to Tibet and find us there. There are also quite a few in the Tibetan refugee camps in Nepal.

I hope you enjoyed finding out a little about my ancestors but of course I am a product of many years of breeding and quite a few years of Beloved’s pampering!!

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Beloved shares your blogs with me and we both enjoy them so much. Now after all that hard work I will go back to my nap.

Thanks guys and meet you again on the blogosphere soon 🙂

Yo! I’m Cool!



Puffball’s Return – The Good, The Bad and The Very Ugly

As you know I am a laid-back  Aussie Tibbie. I am tolerant of others, I accept the differences of those around me and I do my best to be polite and kind where I can.

I don’t throw my weight around and I don’t keep having to prove I’m top dog with The Princess. The only time we’ve had words is over my dinner plate, that is not for sharing! She knows this and only does it occasionally to check I’ll still grumble at her.

Beloved is pretty easy going too I think. But recently something occurred which got us both mad. As a result this is a longer post than usual, but it also has lots of pictures.

You may remember the VIP. The Very Important Puffball. Let me fill you in a little just in case you didn’t know.

Once upon a time there was a Very Tiny Puffball. She was a Bichon Frise. A French breed of dog, fluffy, white and known to be gentle and loving.

Our Puffball once looked like this little puppy happy & carefree

This little puppy Puffball found a loving home with two elderly people one of whom was a vet. They already had an older puffball so she moved in with this family and was loved by all. She had her fluffy pal and two doting people. At night she slept on the bed with her family and her little world was safe and secure. She was happy.

Another Bichon puppy

For five years this life continued then tragedy struck the little home. The wife died. Puffball was sad and knew too that her remaining person was sad but life went on pretty much the same for her and her pal for a few months.

Then her person met an old friend he hadn’t seen for a while. She was alone too and pretty soon she moved in with him. This could have been the happy ending that all stories should have but sadly it was the beginning of great unhappiness and confusion for our puffball, called Brie. This was when it all began to go horribly wrong.

The new lady friend did not like dogs and Brie and her pal found themselves not only shut out of the bedroom but shut out of the house and kept in the garage. Her old person was sad because he loved them but instead of telling the lady to go he began looking for another home for his two puffballs one of whom needed special care because of eye problems.

Brie and her pal used to be groomed in the village and the owner of this shop was concerned about what might happen to these two loving little dogs and agreed to put up a notice and help to re-home them.

This is when Brie, the Very Important Puffball came to our notice. Not because of Beloved, she is more than happy with The Princess and I and is not looking to add to the pack. No, she came to our attention because of Beloved’s parents who decided she sounded like the perfect pal for Prissy Paws, their Shih-Tzu. Huh!

Prissy Paws – happier being an only child

We wrote about that incident. About how Prissy Paws ignored her and made out he was miserable and then Beloved’s mother became Ill and they decided that although Brie, renamed Mimi, was a lovely dog it wasn’t fair to her to keep her, that she would be happier elsewhere. They were very wrong.

The first we heard of the decision was when Beloved phoned them one afternoon and heard that the VIP had gone to another elderly couple who had wanted her when they saw her advertised. Beloved wasn’t pleased about it. The Princess and I were sad too, but we hoped Mimi (alias Brie) would be happy.

Meanwhile the Puffball’s little pal had found a forever home with a vet who was able to deal with her health issues so she had fallen paws up or should that be down? Anyway, she had a good home.

For two days nothing happened. We heard reports that the Puffball was a very loving dog but a bit spoilt. Well, I guess that was true though not through her own fault.

Several days later we heard that the elderly couple who had taken her did not want her after all and all our fears were realized. She was too much trouble. She wanted to be with them all the time, she wanted to come inside the house when they were in as she was used to and not live in the garden.  What a nuisance!

We discovered that she had been passed on temporarily to another family who would not allow her in the house but kept her outside and punished her regularly for whining and wanting to be with the family inside the house. They were going to take her to the local pound today if no other home was forthcoming. Beloved wanted to take her then but before she had a chance to step in another home was found.

We were furious but what could we do? Beloved spoke to the lady at the shop who with the best of intentions had tried to find a loving home for the Puffball and she was also angry and upset.

Then we heard more about the new home that had been arranged and we became concerned. This was a home with two children which could be lovely for Puffball. But it was a home who had never had a dog before and the family were out all day. They were instructed by the people who then had her that the dog just needed a kennel and would stay outside all the time.

Poor Brie. From being an inside, doted on pet she was suddenly shoved outdoors and left alone in a frightening world. Beloved thought of The Princess and knew how she and I would feel if this was happening to us and she was upset.

Then owner of the grooming shop stepped in. She met the new family and told them that the Puffball had to be an inside dog, but she couldn’t stop her going to them at that time, she didn’t have the authority. Later that day she spoke to the former owner and got ownership of the Puffball transferred to her so she could step in and make sure she was being looked after.

Poor little Puffball had had five different homes in a matter of a few weeks and again we were cross but hoped that perhaps the family would love her and the children would be loving towards her.

Within 24 hours the family called the lady at the shop to say that they had taken her to a vet and the vet had found a lump in her mouth which he thought could be cancer. They would not keep ‘The Dog’. We were a little surprised about the lump because she had already been checked by a vet and given the all-clear, but in part we were also relieved that the family had called and were going to return her. She wasn’t going to be passed on somewhere else. When the owner of the shop called Beloved she said at once that we would take her, not forever because I know I am a little high maintenance with my health issues, but until the lump is checked out and until we are certain that the right home is found.

Making Brie feel welcome by getting her bed in order with the right smell

This may look like I’m resting but I’m just ‘pawsing’  before the hard work of getting this bed to smell right begins again

Apparently there is an elderly lady who is at home all day and who expressed an interest in having Brie (Mimi didn’t bring her much luck so Beloved has reverted to calling her Brie again). This might be the perfect home, but the lump needs to be checked out first or Brie could be facing another tragedy.

When Beloved picked her up yesterday she felt very sad. The confident happy little dog of a few weeks ago had been replaced by an anxious Puffball with confusion and fear looking out of her big brown eyes. From being a doted on pet who once slept on the bed she had become an unwanted nuisance who someone felt it appropriate to train by literally picking her up and throwing her physically into an outside kennel until she obeyed them and stayed there. What is worse they actually spoke about it as if this was an appropriate way to train wayward dogs.

Fortunately the Puffball remembered us. Within minutes she was playing with The Princess and licking my nose.

Inside and safe

Beloved and her beloved are giving her lots of love and with AJ still here at the moment we have three laps to go around.

She is still a little frightened. Last evening she was too afraid to get off her bed and for some reason wanted her lead next to her so Beloved took it down from the hook and let her sleep with it along with the rest of her toys and her little jacket.

With all her wordly goods around her, toys, jacket and lead she wonders what is in store for her next

We don’t sleep on the bed with Beloved, The Princess snores. But we sleep close by. Brie whined a little when we went to bed but she was reassured by our presence.

This morning we have all been out to the dog park and you can tell that The Puffball hasn’t done too much, if any, walking on the lead. She is worse than The Princess. And when we got to the park she kept getting stuck in the corners where the most smells were, she had never been to such a rich place before.

It was a bit cold and windy so we couldn’t spend too long there but Beloved told her beloved that for Brie it was the equivalent of him going into an art gallery stuffed with Impressionist paintings and we should give her time to sniff and savor.

When we came home we all had a run and a play and then we went into the bedroom to make sure AJ was awake – he was when we’d finished saying hello!

She still has a way to go. She whines when Beloved, her beloved or AJ goes out. We have told her that AJ doesn’t live here all the time but she is falling for him.

The Puffball making eyes at AJ

Beloved is going to talk to the lady in the shop on Monday and they will decided what to do about the spot in her mouth and what to do about the new home. One things for sure, Beloved and her Beloved won’t let her leave here unless they are confident that she will be loved as she deserves. Which might mean she stays a long time! I don’t mind except that looking after both Brie and The Princess in the park is rather a lot for my aching muscles. I was having to go between the two of them this morning and it got quite tiring!

So what went wrong? Why did a loving, happy little Puffball have to go through all of this?

Perhaps I’m being a little unfair to her elderly owner here because circumstances did change for him but pets are never to be undertaken lightly, they are or should be a lifetime commitment. They are not to be ‘got rid of’ when it becomes inconvenient.

A moments thought would have made it obvious that a Puffball who had been as sheltered and pampered as Brie should only have been passed on to a special home and not separated from her lifelong pal who was her security.

Sometimes circumstances arise which are beyond our control, an owner dies or becomes unable to care for their pet but these should be exceptional circumstances. You only need to see the lists of pets looking to be re-homed in newspapers to know that sometimes it is just that people haven’t understood the responsibility of being a pet owner.

Brie’s original owner never asked for any financial commitment from her new owners. Sadly, giving a dog away free is not always in the interest of the pet. If someone’s has to pay something they are less likely to act on a whim and more likely to value that pet.

We hope in the future to bring happier news about The Puffball. We hope she doesn’t have cancer and we hope that if she does go to a new home it will be a home where the new owner understands that Brie is a loving little dog with special needs of her own. The need to be loved, to be with her owner most of the time and to be made to feel safe again.

Now, having shared my indignation with you and caught you up on this sad story, I am going to find a spot near The Puffball and The Princess and keep an eye on my ladies whilst I have my morning nap.

Today I leave you with a picture of our Puffball Brie safe in her bed (smelling of me) and finally getting the love she deserves

Family Love

Beloved had a birthday over the weekend and it was great. She enjoyed it. We enjoyed and we hope everyone involved enjoyed it too.

As I’ve mentioned before Beloved is very careless with her sons. They are often in different countries and it isn’t because they’re running away from her or anything. Or at least I don’t think they are!

However, for this birthday everyone was here in Melbourne, Australia. Beloved was thrilled. AJ (number 2 son) came over from Indonesia where he is living with L because of their work and T hasn’t left Melbourne for his next post overseas yet so he was around with his family.

This is me, totally unimpressed with the candle that Beloved got for her birthday, she seemed to like it but I shall have to let them know that for my birthday I expect edible all the way!

Of course she got some great presents, or at least she liked them. I think sausages and bones would have been more appropriate. The chocolates smelt interesting but The Princess and I aren’t allowed to eat chocolate on account of it being bad for us.

Like Beloved, we were more excited about the people and it made me think about the importance of our families.

We have a small family. Beloved has a brother in the UK and then she has her parents, her beloved and her two sons. No cousins, no aunts and uncles, no nephews and nieces.

My natural family is huge but I have to say since I left I haven’t really thought about them very much. I wasn’t too attached to my two brothers and only have a vague recollection of one of them being golden and the other black like me. And of course one whined a lot which is why we called him Whimpers.

The black brother produced The Princess so she is my niece, this means I have a member of my blood family and my adopted family so I think I am probably a lucky Tibbie. I live in a modern blended family!

The Princess, you can see the family likeness and I am ashamed to say that sometimes Beloved has had to look twice at us to see which is which. I am more of a silver and I have more gravitas.

I hear from some of the dogs at the park who have very large families and that must be really great. I would like that a lot, I think most dogs (except Prissy Paw) would enjoy large, expansive family gatherings with lots of barbecues and baby-licks running around dropping biscuits and other ‘forbidden’ foods.

Even as I talk about it my mouth is watering at the thought.

We’re not huge but we have grown a little in the last few years. Since T married he brought A and M (or Magic as they like to call her) into our lives and that has really livened things up and made for more exciting visits.

Magic came to Beloved’s birthday dinner and I thought it was very unfair that The Princess and I had to stay at home. In France I am told that dogs can go into restaurants and I think that is only right. After all, we are family too.

I love having the family together. I will even suffer Prissy Paws. As far as I’m concerned the more the merrier and there is always the chance that someone will drop a piece of something delicious on the floor over dinner, though it is always more of a wish than a reality.

One guess as to why I call her ‘The Princess’

Family is more important than being able to throw a big party at a special event. A loving family can be at your side when things are difficult and when things are going well.

Beloved and my family are there for me. If I am sick, one of them will help to take me to the vet and help give me the medicine and look after me.

If Beloved and her beloved go away and for some reason cannot take us, T, A & Magic will look after The Princess and I.

Families help each other out. Friends are important too, but if we are lucky enough to have a loving family we should treasure them. I have heard some sad stories which seem to show that not all families do love each other. That is very sad and I am pleased and aware that I am a very privileged Tibbie to have a loving family. I like to think I make it more loving and add my amount of support and comfort too.

I can honestly say that I would not be the amazing Tibbie I am today if it hadn’t been for Beloved, her beloved and our family. They took me in as a little pup and showed me how to behave. Although I did have to do a little educating of them myself, but then families learn from each other!

I am not quite sure where she went wrong with The Princess, I think she spoilt her and I was a little indulgent too, so we both bear the blame for her.

Beloved is an anchor for us. Like little people we feel safe and nurtured when we have an understanding of our boundaries and what she expects from us. The Princess and I are Tibbies who like our routine and we feel safe when we follow that routine, we know what is coming next, when our next meal is coming and that is a comfort to a Tibbie with a hollow tummy.

I am glad that I can stay with Beloved forever. I don’t have to leave and work or move out to start a family. My job is as a companion to Beloved. I understand what she likes and my needs are tied up in hers. I am happy when she is happy.

I realise that I would have been a very different Tibbie if I had been brought up in another family. I may not have been a bad Tibbie, but I wouldn’t have been the Tibbie I am today. I am special.

I am glad we have a family who can come together and be happy. I think it is important to spend time together to build a strong family. The Princess and I are together all the time and although I mock her I wouldn’t want anything to hurt or frighten her.

Sometimes it’s important to be honest with each other or misunderstandings can grow and become problems. For a while I would get upset with The Princess when she turned my taking Big Dog to Beloved into a tug of war game. It isn’t a game.

Eventually I explained that it wasn’t a toy she realised I was serious and now when we greet Beloved in the morning she leaves me to bring Big Dog to and she goes to get baby, a toy she plays with or doesn’t bother taking anything and just lies waiting for Beloved to cuddle her!

Greeting Beloved in the morning

That’s how a family should work. Listen to the needs of each other and try to accommodate them. Of course when The Princess whines for my dinner I let her know that that is unacceptable, family members shouldn’t take advantage of the kindness of others!

As I get older I feel so much safer knowing that Beloved is there to take care of me. As I’ve had my health issues, I appreciate not having to worry about how I’m going to cope and the stress of finding my own food, or having to worry about being bullied by those who are stronger (horrible I know but believe me it happens). I know my family is there to protect me and look out for me.

I don’t enjoy having bad days when my joints don’t work or my skin is itchy, but when I’m really feeling uncomfortable I go to Beloved and somehow she knows and does her best to make it better and if she can’t make it go away completely she certainly gives me lots of cuddles so that I don’t feel anxious and that helps me to feel better.

I am a family Tibbie. I love my family. I love my family being all together and I miss them when they are not under the same roof but the nice thing about them traveling is the excitement I feel when they come back to visit again.

I am hoping Beloved has another birthday very, very soon but for some reason she seems to be happy to wait another year for her birthday.

So that is my thought for today. I hope all of you out there have families who love and protect you too and that you love being a part of them.

The Princess and I have had our walk and being safe in the comfort of my home and the centre of my small family I shall now relax and have my morning nap and perhaps I will dream of gatherings to come, perhaps I can persuade Beloved to have a sausage sizzle one weekend. I’m sure all the family would want to join in for that.

Me. Signing off and zoning out 🙂

The Internet, Friendship & Love

When I first persuaded Beloved to write down my thoughts I had no idea that we would meet so many interesting online friends.

I like it.

Much is spoken of in the media about the advantages and disadvantages of online connections and of course there can be negative relationships over the internet as well as at the dog park. I have been lucky, all of my connections have been positive ones.

I am a very friendly Tibbie with an interest in others. I am a watcher and a listener. And if I can do that from the comfort of my soft bed, great.

With the internet I can learn about the lives of others and hear about their experiences without getting my paws wet or missing a treat.

What is not to like about that?

I have my physical contacts too. I have Beloved to sit on and cuddle me. I have her beloved to play with. I even have The Princess if I’m desperate or cold (after a haircut you understand).

Then I have the extended family. Beloved’s sons and their families occasionally, and my pals at the dog park not forgetting Prissy Paws (aka Devon) who lives with Beloved’s parents.  He is around too often to forget!

I also have a couple of very handsome looking French cousins who I’ve never met but who I think I would get on with. Judging by their comfortable beds I think we would have a lot in common. If it wasn’t for the internet I wouldn’t know as much about their lives.

My French Cousins Boodle & Dunthorne preparing for a road trip in style.

Here are some other friends I have met online who you might like to check out. Maybe you know them already.

There is Bella the very attractive poodle. You can find mention of her and her family here:

One of my first followers and encourager was a guinea pig. Yes, you heard it, a guinea pig. I didn’t know there was such a thing either, but apparently there are at least four and you can read about their lives here:

Love of A Dog had me a little worried with the blog ‘Cooking with Puppies’ but when I realised that puppies were helping and not the ingredient I was reassured. I think I would enjoy cooking and have been trying to tell Beloved that I would love to help her with the roast chicken she’s planning for tomorrow, for some reason she is hesitant. You can find this animal lover’s blog here:

One I have just discovered is about Willy the Wheaten Terrier and Casey, a Standard Poodle. As you may know I have a weakness for Standard Poodles after my cousin Bella so I am very interested in watching Casey grow up and Willie hates the rain almost as much as I do. If you want to pop in and see them, they are here:

I don’t know much about cats. I did know a cat when I was a puppy, before I came to my forever home with Beloved but I haven’t had much to do with them since which is why I enjoy the blog from fostrickson about the dogs Mylo and Toady who live with Odin the cat and that Odin sounds like a handful!

When I want a smile I go to Yoga Dog Blog and see what Rosie has to say.

One which I have found recently is a very handsome Pyrenean Mountain Dog called Clowie. Clowie is just the kind of dog that Beloved adores so I am very pleased that Clowie is an online friend and not a dog park friend because I do get just a little bit concerned when I find Beloved throwing her arms around these huge dogs.

I have to mention another blog which I have recently connected with. This is another Tibetan Terrier. Amazing isn’t it? Another Tibbie on the Internet and what’s more this one is actually called Tibby and she looks very sweet.

One of the things that made me think about my online friends today is the news that a friend of Beloved’s Number 1 son has just had her second book published.

As you may know. Beloved’s sons travel a lot and live in other countries. Whilst Number 1 son was living in Papua New Guinea (I think it rains a lot there so I wouldn’t like it), he shared a house with a guy called Mike who became a good friend. At the time Mike was dating Lisa via the internet.

Lisa being a writer has put this story into a book which is now available.

I may get Beloved to read it to me whilst I have my nap she bought the Kindle version 🙂

Fear of Intimacy

Things have been an bit upside down this week and as you know I am a Tibbie who loves his routine and like most dogs, I feel reassured when things are the same.

Things are definitely not the same at the moment.

Team Leader is in hospital. For those of you who don’t know or who have forgotten, Team Leader is Beloved’s Father. He is amazing. He is the one who first introduced me to sausages and from then on I have been his slave. It is the best time when Team Leader comes over for dinner with us because he recognises that I am a very hungry Tibbie and despite Beloved’s orders he sometimes slips me tasty things under the table.

I love Beloved and I understand she is my pack leader but Team Leader is a bit like her pack leader and he is very special.

We dogs love him. Even Zena who doesn’t like sausages (sometimes I wonder if she can really be of my blood), loves Team Leader and recognizes his importance.

Devon is a lucky dog because he gets to live with Team Leader all the time, except when Team Leader is in hospital and then he gets to live with us.

Devon on a bad hair day

Devon is a funny dog. Really. He is a Shih-Tzu and when you look at him the last thing you think of is ‘wolf’. Now I realise that that may be a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but he is this tiny ball of grey and white fur with some of the shortest legs I’ve ever seen.

He barks at people coming to the door, which I think is weird. I subscribe to the view that a stranger is the friend you haven’t met yet. But Beloved praises him when he does this and gives me a look as if to indicate that he is right! I still think it is rude.

Although he barks at the doorbell he doesn’t seem to take any notice about what could come in via the television and doesn’t bark at that at all. We are very different.

He tolerates us which I find a bit rich considering it is our house. Beloved has put a third bed in our kitchen and as his legs are too short for him to get on the settee he sleeps on the bed in the middle of the room. Not the one next to us.

He is happy enough to line up for treats with us but if we accidentally touch him he behaves as if we have an infectious disease. He leaps back with this kind of disgusted look on his face and removes his precious person.

He prefers Zena to me. He will sometimes sniff her and when she was younger he did used to chase her around the room barking, but when Bella, his pal died, he stopped playing.

I feel sorry for him. It is as if he doesn’t really know how to be a dog and yet he really would quite like to be one. Despite all his funny behaviour he really enjoys coming to see us.

When he first arrives he always barks and barks with excitement. If we get too close he snarls a bit but we know he wouldn’t bite, he just doesn’t like us to touch him. He likes to keep us at a distance but know we’re there.

He thinks living with Team Leader is the best too. He was living somewhere else for the first few years of his life which is why he doesn’t really know how to be a proper dog. I try and teach him a few things but his shakes at thunder and doesn’t chase the possums outside so I think I shall have to give him up as a lost cause.

Some people are like that. They don’t want to invite others in to their lives so they keep them on the outskirts. They want the company but don’t want the intimacy.

Devon did love Bella, my standard poodle cousin. From the very beginning when Team Leader brought him home he loved her. I always say it was because he thought she was a racehorse not a dog. She must have seemed huge to him.

Bella, I’ve posted it before but I think she is so beautiful she is worth seeing twice.

I guess at that point he was so confused that to see a fellow animal who was gentle and kind was such a relief to him he latched onto her. He allowed himself to love her. It happened before he could control it. Love at first sight I think they call it. They would play together, sleep together, sometimes in the same bed. They were never apart.

Bella was very good. She didn’t seem to mind suddenly having this little thing with her all the time but then Devon is quieter than The Princess and accepted Bella’s lead in everything. The Princess is always arguing with me saying things like:

‘Why are we going here?’

‘Shouldn’t we check over there?’

‘Why aren’t we running?’……. You get the picture.

Knowing what we now know about Devon we are amazed that he loved Bella so completely and so quickly, but she was beautiful. Then of course Bella was taken away and it must have been devastating for him.

I know he still looks for her whenever Team Leader takes him out to their usual places. There is a tree they both liked to spend a long time sniffing around and leave messages at. Devon still goes there hoping to find a fresh message from Bella. Hoping to see her strolling towards him from the distance.

We’ve told him she’s gone and he understands, but he still hopes.

I am a tolerant Tibbie and I’m very easy going. I have offered to send The Princess home with Devon (Prissy Paws) so that he would have company again but Beloved doesn’t seem to have worked out that that could be the ultimate solution to all our problems – yet. I haven’t given up.

For a little dog so afraid of intimacy with other dogs he fell big time for Bella. He trusted and loved her. She was a exceptional dog so I understand. Having lost her, it makes it even harder now for him to allow himself to be close to us. He just won’t let us in.

When Bella died a little spark that was coming to life in him died too.

We can sleep in the same room, but not near his bed. We can eat in the same house, but not next to him. We can sit next to each other for the treats, but we mustn’t make physical contact. If we do he freezes, then looks at us as if we were beneath him. Sometimes that annoys me, but on the whole I am a sensible Tibbie and I know he is just being defensive.

Devon having just woken up from a nap on MY bed

I think by now he will not allow himself to get close to us because he knows that in this life their are no assurances. Hurt happens. Pain comes and although we hope it doesn’t happen to us, it often does. Devon is trying to protect himself but in the long run, he is the one who is miserable and isolated.

But I will continue to be polite and understanding to this rather confused little dog because I am a good natured Tibbie and I know that is what Team Leader would want me to do.

I have told him Team Leader is in hospital and he should come home again, but I understand that Devon has had many changes and losses and he does not trust me or have faith. And after all I cannot make promises about something out of my control.

Me, I am a very trusting Tibbie. Beloved always says she would not leave me alone in a public place because the first person with a sausage (or some other treat) to come along, I would follow them anywhere. I think it is good to trust, you get more treats that way.

Devon does like Beloved and her beloved. He does enjoy sitting on her beloved, it makes him feel special and safe.

He’d like him less if he realised that because he is the same colouring as my Big Dog toy he has nearly been kicked out of the way by him a couple of times!

So we have this uninvited, confused little guest at the moment. Uninvited by The Princess and I anyway. And we have to do the entertaining which I think is a bit rude. If Beloved brought him over she should take him out into the garden and stroll around with him.

One good thing is that we get cool treats when Devon comes to stay. Because he turns his fussy little nose up at our dog treats his pack send him with bits of ham and chicken and other things to tempt his delicate appetite. That means we get some too and as you know I am a Tibbie with a very important tummy which enjoys treats.

Get well soon Team Leader, we need you, Devon needs you and I think when you get back it would be a really good time to celebrate with a sausage.

Now I suppose I shall have to give up my window spot to Devon and go and have a nap under Beloved’s desk. Sigh……… Being a good host involves sacrifice.

Me preparing for my morning nap thinking noble and sacrificial thoughts